It's Never Too Late To Annoy Your Parents

by Ripcordz

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released January 1, 2000

PAUL GOTT - vocals guitars
SIMON CLOUTIER - drums, vocals
ALEX - bass, vocals

All songs by Paul Gott (SOCAN)
Except "Dragon" and "Maria": Music by Alex Gauthier, lyrics by Paul Gott
and "Auld Lang Syne": Traditional, arranged by Paul Gott

Recorded by Rob Martins at Studio St-Vincent
Backing vocals: Emma Tibaldo



all rights reserved


Ripcordz Montreal, Québec

Formed in 1980 and been playing ever since. Proud Punks from Montreal. We've played more than 2,500 shows and put out 15 albums. But we're not living in the past. Our new stuff is our best stuff.

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Track Name: Slide
You're a square peg in a round world
Try not to fit in
It's a game where to try is to sin
Suit and tie boys, silicone girls
The inbred and their kin
It's a game with no way to win
No fear, no feelings and no tears
It's no way to begin

Don't give up the fight
Don't give up on life
Don't give up tonight
It's your freedom, your right

Cut the curfew, stay the night through
Read between the rules
They're yours if you use the right tools
Damn the dress code, take the long road
Leave the fools and ghouls
Play your own game - make it come true
No foes, just friends and comrades close
It's the way to begin
Track Name: Friday Night
Monday morning hits me like a cold norwester
Tuesday I'm just biding my time
Wednesday's in limbo like a second trimester
Thursday I've got Friday on my mind

It's Friday night - yeah, right
It's Friday night - all night
It's Friday night - I'm feeling alright

Monday rolls around again, I can't believe it
Tuesday just seems so lame
Wednesday again and you take it or leave it
Thursday and it's all the same
Can't wait for the weekend
It's so many months away
Got to have a party today

Can't stand all the talking
All the waiting - for what?
Time to be something you're not

Monday comes and I'm hanging in some stranger's basement
Tuesday still my hangover grows
Wednesday forgot my job, don't know where I went
Thursday and my nervousness grows
Track Name: DWY
Profs they parrot the words of the wise
Eyes they glaze, your brain it fries
Your textbook starts to talk, says to take a walk
The taxing time arrives, just hope you can survive

The parties party hard on your cash
Deciding like they smoked your stash
Got the way to go, all hail the WTO
Peacekeepers at war, minding Exxon's store

Close your eyes and fantasize
Open wide and recognize

The power of the people's a lie
Sargeant Pepper's there if you try
Can't afford to go to court? Might as well abort
You're not free to fight
Forget the Bill of Rights

It's so easy to
Just Relax
Just turn down ignore the facts
Injunction junction
Just Relax
Accept their function, ignore the facts
Track Name: Distorted
You're 16 or are you 53?
Fix your hair like Farrah on TV
See a crowd, you're there
To find out what to wear
The world is one - you're bound to disagree

Distortion is the name
Distortion is your game
Distortion don't know why
Distortion til you die

Talk so hip, you're too rad to be cool
23 skidoo and groovy too
Bed your best friend's guy
Don't bother to ask why
Who cares about a world that's full of fools

A blonde brunette who doesn't have more fun
Always first, always under the gun
You're mom and dad's best pet
Moved out but never left
Full-dressed facade to say that you have won
Track Name: If It's Gonna Be
I wake up in front of my TV
I hear them talk to me
Fear the left, fight the right
C'mon boy, walk with me
All those friends, those cults of kindness
Helping to release me
But what's it gonna end up costing
If it's gonna be

I trip and stumble, can't find my feet
A nightmare memory
Could it be the truth is cliché easy
It's simply them or me
Overload mixed multimedia message
Straining to defeat me
But now I knwo the answer for us
If it's gonna be
Break the clocks, ignore the cops
And our egocentric leaders
Look inside, use all your strength
Coz if it's gonna be, it must be me

Shrug off the perfumed tyranny
Your life is yours to police
The power rests with those who want it
Grab hold of your fair peace
Track Name: Dragon
Forged in fire the dragon flies
And with it our desires
Near and far, full of scars
Our world tonight, a myth so bright
Can't help but be a buyer
Near and far, full of stars

I believe you will believe
A breeze so fresh, a new beginning
Freedom found, a welcome sound
Floating on the wind

New hope arrives, an end to lies
A magic moment to delight me
Seize the chance, a crazy dance
Blinded by moonlight
Track Name: 1-2-3
I lift a beer or two
I lift them all for you
A proper Punk Rock salute
And now another pitcher let's love brew

For you

Making contact with the floor
Hear my voice call for more
See the waitress, praise the lord
A puzzled smily my hard-fought reward

First impression be damned
Come on and give me a hand
It's all I can stand
Who knows where I may land
Track Name: Blue
Drink 24
Come back for more
Girls can't resist
A guy who's pissed
It's just the nature of the game
Natural selection by brand name
Make mine the same

Sex in the sun
Sweat starts to run
Shorts pulled too tight
Zip up and bite
The message sent is clear as day
We could all soon look this way
If we just pay

Have you got the Blues?
I'll give you the Blues

Log-on and win
Dot-com is in
Your dreams arrive
Live on disc-drive
Is it the power of the world?
Or the revenge of all the nerds?
Just take their word

Desire bred in boardrooms may move a mountain or two
Credit card removal spend that last loonie or two
Track Name: MUC Police
Protecting you not me
The stormtroopers of ignorance
Why can't they just leave us in peace?

A high tech gang with guns
Out to have some fun
A Brotherhood of violence
See them coming? Boy, you'd better run

Excessive force
Feel no remorse
It's the MUC Police
A blind attack
Better watch your back
It's the MUC Police

Armed and dangerous
Aiming straight at us
Treating kids like criminals
Break their own rules, never a fuss

Lizotte and Barnabé
Beaten to death
Anthony Griffin
Shot in the back of the head
Track Name: Home Alone
A night alone
I hear the darkness in your name
Invade my home
Drive me out, I bleed again

Gasping for breath
Grasping at friendship
They never heard the call that I did
Drinking to lose
Thinking so unsane
It changes all the same
Can't stop the shame

A flash of style, a broken smile
And here you come again
Unfeeling touch that meant so much
It disappears into the pain

Don't want to know
Don't want to show
Don't want to go home alone tonight

Hooking a glance
Looking to argue
They see the same things I do
Prey on the kill
Pray for an answer
Just why I couldn't hold her the way we were

A win a loss a feeling
I hear without a care
I feel the moment leaving
All I do is just stare
Track Name: Trenchcoat Mafia
Moses speaks so quietly of love and peace and guns
A final solution whose time he says has come
Oh no, where did it all go wrong?
He knew it all along

Ban those trenchcoats, buy more guns
Arm your daughters, arm your sons
Lock and load, let's have some fun
The trenchcoat mafia is on the run

Your high school is his battlefield, your soul is his reward
Forget your pens coz he knows they're no match for a good sword
Oh no, could God be on his side?
The Marshall Plan as his guide

The madness builds, can't separate the good guys from the bad
Don't write the wrongs, just sing the songs of your mom and dad
Oh no, I've heard it all before
No. I won't fight your war
Track Name: Just You And I
I dream, I fantasize, and you are in my eyes
Just you and I, just you and I
Power charms at four alarms, trapped inside your arms
Just you and I, just you and I alone

Falling fast, reality awakens
What to say?
I cannot understand
Falling last, a fantasy forsaken
One and one and one
I'm gone

Ebverywhere I go I know that you can lay me low
Just you and I, just you and I
Love your friends? That depends what message you might send
Just you and I, just you and I alone

Your passionate desire
A dream come true for some
I can't define her in this fire that I just can't become
Track Name: What Do You Need?
What do you want?
What do you need?
What do you want?
What do you need?

A house, a yard and a mortgage?
A picket fence to guard the kids?
A friggin' car? Now watch your language
A taste of fire to close your lids each night

One point six kids full of braces?
Stocks and bonds and dot-com friends?
A smile that's pasted? Old rat races?
By any means forget the ends each night
Track Name: Lightning Girl
Storm clouds are gathering over our homes
Can't find no shelter
An icy feeling sinks into my bones
Don't need no shelter
Nerves of steel and a heart of stone
Don't want no shelter
It's coming down fast
Ain't never gonna pass

Lightning girl, flash in the night
Lightning girl, blindingly bright
Lightning girl, you fill my darkest days with endless delight

Flash of light and a sonic boom
Can't find no shelter
Drowning in my living room
Don't need no shelter
Sinking fast, my end it looms
Don't want no shelter
Never again
Never be afraid of the rain

Lightning girl
Strike me twice
Lightning girl
A lot more than just old sugar and spice

Soaked in sheets I've dreamed of you
Can't find no shelter
Chilled to the bone I dream anew
Don't need no shelter
A morning shower lets nature renew
Don't want no shelter
Never the same
Never be afraid of the rain
Track Name: Where Were You?
Your patchwork jacket speaks of Anarchy lost
Freezing time, well now it's time to defrost
Solo stars in basement bars
Call the shots whatever the cost

Individuality is so close at hand
You see it on the t-shirts of your favourite bands
Polished Docs, political crocks
Make new rules we all can understand

Where were you in '82?
Where were you when it all came true?
When it all came unglued?

Subculture subversion is a part of their plan
Smash the system, don't replace with a scam
Your destiny at 17
Win the youth war, don't become The Man
Track Name: Maria
We spent the best years of our lives
Believing in a difference
Memory's alive
But hopes they fade and heroes disappoint
Still if there's a movement with ideals, I'd like to join

Keep the faith, don't fade away
You're needed more than ever today
Keep the faith, don't fade away
The blacks and whites turn grey

A chance encounter, at last I found her
But memories they die
All grown up I hardly recognize
Bought their story bought their dream
And with it all the lies

Maria - I thought you always knew
Maria - I shared my dreams with you
Maria - It's not an old invention
Maria - Remember all it meant
Maria - You can't have fallen so far
Maria - Remember who you are
Track Name: Don't Fuck With Santa Claus
Don't fuck with Santa Claus
He knows when you've been bad and when you've dropped your drawers
Don't fuck with Santa Claus
He's a bloody veteran of bargain store wars

One down and a Ho Ho Ho
A shot of gin and he's ready to go
He's got his list, he's checked it twice
Hears all the crying, gets ready to start the lying

Two down and a Ho Ho Ho
That stupid fatboy look has got to go
Boffing Buffy elf behind the mall
Little Jimmy sees all
Little bastard starts to bawl

No more whining
No more pacifying
Reindeer dining
Rudolph's so satisfying

Three down and a Ho Ho Ho
Those tasteless teens want all the show
Won't let them win, won't give a thing
The greatest gift awaits him
Unemployment's so rewarding