Is That A Squeegee In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

by Ripcordz

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released January 1, 1998



all rights reserved


Ripcordz Montreal, Québec

Formed in 1980 and been playing ever since. Proud Punks from Montreal. We've played more than 2,500 shows and put out 15 albums. But we're not living in the past. Our new stuff is our best stuff.

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Track Name: You Are Not Alone
I hear you talking
Though I know that you're nowhere near
I hear you calling
Wanna tell you there's nothing to fear

I know I'll find you
Coz our lives are one and the same
I know you'll find me
When the world around us all goes insane

There's people all around you
On whom you can depend
Never lose your faith
In those you choose to call your friends

I hold your picture
And my focus changes here and today
I hold you closer
And the world around us all fades away

I'd swim the seas
Swing through the trees
Fall to my knees
Just to be with you
Track Name: Imagination
Microwave thin casings, trying not to say things
Say that you're not at home
Concentrated ratings, pixellated paintings
Say you're not alone
Electronic gladness, positronic madness
Reflected on the screen
The braver and the bolder, eye of the beholder
Blinded to the scene

Hey. Wait.
Imitation flatters no one
Hey. Wait.
Imagination dies when you're gone

Tribal celtic tracings tattooed on like playthings
Meaningless tonight
Scarifications cutting into nations
Imitating life
Pain as the decider, a ritual insider
A philosophic knife
A pirate or a vulture, popular culture
As husband and as wife

A pretty rhyme, a pickup line
Drawn into the sand
Recycled fads, screaming TV ads
Microwave the land
Track Name: Bittersweet
Our bittersweet relationship is coming to an end
Now the sweetness is long gone
My friends, my music and my clothes are things I don't defend
To you or just to anyone

I've lived alone for way too long with you
Now I'll find what I can do

I'm tired of talking to the walls, of arguments and strife
I'm tired of always being wrong
I've packed my bags and left you for a world that's full of life
I'll find a place where I belong

By the time you read this I'm a million miles away
I'll chance it on my own
I hope you understand and we can talk again one day
But I'm never coming home
Track Name: Youth War
Corporate culture grinned and bared
A generation war declared
Unemployment soars, who cares?
Governments talk, youth beware

But I'm alive
I'll survive

The time to fight the power is now
The time to fight the power and how
Kill those sacred corporate cows
Destroy the rules that say you're not allowed

Fight the suits and fight the police
Fight the system, fight for release
Fight the teachers, fight for peace
The war on youth will never cease
Track Name: Two-Four
24 is going to change the way I see my life is going
A taste of liquid gold
Give me hope, give me dope
They don't want to know
Keep the rap, keep the crap
Quite a way to go

2-4 Hear the call
2-4 Hear the fall
2-4-6-8 What do we appreciate
Got no mind at all

24 slow hours and I can't remember my last name
Just let me play the game
A case in point, I case the joint
The bells drive me insane
A life led twice, enjoy the vice
I tried to change in vain

I drink a toast to all the old ghosts
And let some new ones dull all the pain
I've never felt so good
Never felt quite so deranged

24 my brain turns off, and I'm the new king of the place
Plastered, blitzed and faced
I buy a round, I hand around
All the girls think I'm great
I try some lines, some pickup whines
But can't recall a date
Track Name: Squeegee Kids
A study in the way the world works on the news tonight
Just who has all the fun and who says what is right?
The mayor of Montreal points to the evil of it all
The city's in the dumps, let's line the Punks against the wall
Business runs the town, runs the country
Runs the whole damn world
Got a problem? Fins a scapegoat
Blame the homeless boys and girls
Ethnocentric rants and some corporate cash grants
And the police hit the streets in a whirl

The squeegee kids are real
You dealt their hand, just deal
Let people work for their meals
Stand back - the squeegees live here too
Stand back - the kids need some space, just like you

A growth industry for real
A looney, tooney deal
Don't beg, borrow or steal
Stand back - the streets belong to all
Stand back - as all your plans begin to fall
Track Name: The One
Wandering through this world full of long dark suits
Looking through the future, only got you to lose
You are the night, you are the right
You are the one I always find at my side all night

A shadowy impression of the pain and the delight
Just looking for some answers, not looking for a fight
You are the sun, you are the fun
You are the reason for that I have done tonight

She whispers me the word, I feel a clarity of sight
Don't wait up coz I'm not coming home tonight
Observe the rules you're never make a dent in this strife
Reverse the course and don't regret a day in your life
You are the one
You are the one
You are the one when all else is gone

No waiting, no complaining, I have found a new light
Illuminating all before me - the wrong and the right
You are the day
You are the way
You are the one beside here as I lay tonight

You are my life
You are my wife
You're my delight
Track Name: Turn Off The TV
Julie Newmar's cat leaves you depraved
Like Gilligan, you'll never be saved
Reruns trash your will
Phasers set to kill
Infomercials light the walls 'til eight

Xena kicks some leather-clad butt
Jerry Springer orchestrates his nuts
The Power Rangers rule
Homer Simpson drools
Lloyd Robertson's a loveable old putz

News as seen through U.S. eyes
Suicides are live at five
Still waiting for the fun to arrive
Top ten
Cheap Zen
Still waiting for the guns to arrive

Quoting Mulder's truth is too late
Calling for a 900 date
Remote control your crew, it's learned to hate you too
Watching Cops and reruns is your fate
Get Smart
South Park
Watch Matlock and Steel Buns until it grates
That's Art
Track Name: Homeward Bound
Hey there, I'd just like to get to know you
How 'bout I buy you a drink or two?
A nice smile but - funny laughter
I get the feeling I'm already through
Man that hurts, piercings, mini skirts
A welcome designed to delude
Hang in bars, cut-rate movie stars
But where'd they get all that attitude?
Watch me sweat, my mouth it feels so dry
The barmaid laughs, I slit my wrists, I die

Suburban punkettes, a feline grace
Virtual vampires lost in space
My dignity's gone without a trace
May never rejoin the human race
I'm homeward bound

Hey there, I'd just like to get to know you
Really? Sure, yeah I'll have a Blue
Sorry, clumsy, a little nervous
But rubber cleans up without a clue
You're my first, piercings, mini skirts
A dream, a nightmare I can't elude
Is that your hand? I can barely stand
You smile again I come unglued
No I promise, not another word
My whole life has just been so absurd

Hey there, I'd just - oh, your place is fine
Sorry, somehow lost track of time
Your chains and bracelets, they paralyze me
A bright red ball to stifle my crime
It's my first piercing, mini skirt
You want a boy, you want a girl
Man it hurts when you do your worst
Darkness descends on my world
I surrender to the pain of shame
Your maid she laughs, who wants to stay too sane?
Track Name: Just Have Fun
Sliding down a mountain, dancing in a fountain
Jumping into outer space
Boarding down your main street, ignoring the straight creeps
Life is there for you to taste

Dodging cops past curfew time
Your fake I.D. reads 29
The rules are rarely spoken, you know they're to be broken
Smash it up tonight
Just have some fun

Have fun
Have fun before you're done

Driving into madness, conquering their sadness
The pit goes round and round
Smoking in the girls room, munching on some mushrooms
Your head goes round and round
Don't need tools supplied by fools
You've studied at a brand new school
Laughing at their dangers, have sex with total strangers
But watch that golden rule
Just have some fun
Track Name: Due South
Shine those buttons bright, big guy
Press that suit and tie, red guy
Canada's cool dope, Chicago's new hope
Pack those bags and fly
He's heading south to the land of crime

Watch the signs, save in kind
The nick of time, to the rescue
Watch and wait, he'll save the day
And remains true
True to you

Hey girl, need a Mountie?
If you know what I mean
Don't you?
Amazing, his boss frustrates him
And just what's with that wolf - and caribou?
Due south - new land of mine

Annoying his new hosts
Talking to old ghosts
Innocence at most
Scores one right between the posts
He's going South
Track Name: Venez Venez
Sur le boulevard y a un endroit
Qui se donne trop d'importance
Le tenancier est retardé
Décroché de la realité

Venez venez
Supporter la médiocrité
Venez venez
Encourager l'imbicilité

La femme avale ses opinions
Elle doit avant tout servir le patron
Levons nos verres, ferment nos yeux
Pour mieux vomir sur le gros vicieux

Les gens de la scène s'y sont établi
Du haut de leurs chaises, la tête enflée
Régardent le peuple avec fierté
Allons ensemble les aduler
Track Name: Brandon Rocks
Speeding through the prairies, leave the RCMP behind
Regina's really cool, the Lams in Edmonton just blow your mind
Winnipeg's a gas, but just a few hundred K more west
Is a town where the kids just rock out the best

Brandon Rocks
It's Castle Greyskull Punk
Brandon Rocks
None of that prog-Punk junk
Brandon Rocks
Slip in the pit and you're sunk
A beer-fuelled celebration
Party down in your Docs

Playing with New Quadro or could it be that now it's Somebody Else
Sweep the sweat aside the party's moving just so swell