Shut Up and Pogo

by Ripcordz

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released January 1, 1996

PAUL GOTT - vocals, guitars
CHRIS MOROZ - bass, vocals
FRANÇOIS DEMERS - drums, vocals

Emma Tibaldo - backing vocals
All songs by Paul Gott (SOCAN)
Recorded by Rod Shearer at Piranha Studios



all rights reserved


Ripcordz Montreal, Québec

Formed in 1980 and been playing ever since. Proud Punks from Montreal. We've played more than 2,500 shows and put out 15 albums. But we're not living in the past. Our new stuff is our best stuff.

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Track Name: Hardcore
Becky was abused and she was living a lie
Ran away from home and couldn't even cry
Out on her own, a life alone
Seemed the best that she could do

Danny said 'hello' coz they both had purple hair
Didn't have a lot but he volunteered to share
A friendly face, she'd found a place
Where she could live her life again

And now they know that Punk is more than just a look
Lessons learned out on the street aren't found in any book
Hardcore, hardcore 'til the day you die
They're just like you and me
Hardcore, hardcore 'til the day they die
They're just like you and me
Part of a greater scene
Be just what you want to be
It's never lonely

She thought her life was over but how wrong could she be
Now she finds that leaving home had only set her free
Can't be wrong, a million strong
Punks are on the street tonight
Track Name: Punk Rock Tonight
Better spike that hair up high tonight
Tear those old jeans up just right
Your Docs are polished - watch 'em shine
Hope you changed your look in time
You're high, you're flying - mesc has got you going round
No more denying that California sound
It's the second coming

Your Green Day tee is newly washed
Your friends have taught you how to mosh
Hope those Punkers aren't too mean
Now that you've arrived on their scene
So hard, you're trying to be so cool and rude
No more denying, you're a Punk Rock dude
It's the second coming

The Xers pogo now that grunge is dead
They'll be there 'til disco rears its head
The Xers pogo now that techno's dead
They'll be there 'til New Wave rears its head

Punk Rock tonight
Punk Rock delight
Punk Rock all right
Punk Rock all night

Your flannel shirts are neatly stowed
You're a fashion-conscious music toad
Watch the papers, watch your friends
Cash in on the latest trends
So hard, you're trying to be so cool and rude
No more denying that you're a Punk Rock dude
It's the second coming
Track Name: Spanish Fly
I struggle slowly across the floor, extend my hand to you
You turn away and there's no denying, there's nothing left to do
Blind and deaf, on an alcohol high
A victim of the Spanish Fly

What can I say? What can I do?
While my best friend makes love to you?
I call your name, fall down again
And now I know there's nothing left to do

My head spins 'round, the party flows around me on and on
You're in my arms, you're in his charms, and now it all goes wrong
A goodbye kiss and you disappear
Leave me alone with my fears

What did I say? What did I do?
My whole world revolved around you
We'd be together all our lives
Now it's all a lie

I come around, you're telling me that everything's okay
I'm off the ground, I'm in your arms, there's nothing left to say
No more words, no need to explain
You're mine and I'm happy again
Track Name: Teenage Anthem
Hear my mellow radio
I'll fall over sideways if it gets more slow
I just don't know what more to say
When golden oldies rule the waves
You've gotta be big in Iowa
If you want to make it in Canada

It's just another teenage anthem
It's just another teenage anthem

My heart goes through slowburn
When I have to listen to Bruce Cockburn
And we'd all OD on Anne Murray
If we left it up to the CBC
And what does Canuck country mean to me
Except being sold out by the CRTC

I'm not complaining just to hear my own voice
It ain't no question of no multiple choice
Yuppie demographics control the land
Leaving nothing for no rock 'n roll bands
Track Name: Stand Up And Unite
Why can't you live for the day they say is coming
You gotta know just what you want or lose the way
The rights and the wrongs become so numbing
The rules they gave you yesterday are changing today

A confusion of tales that dull your senses
They watch you in the maze that they created insane
A confession of sins, imperfect tenses
A minor misstep, you're in their maze again

Stand up and unite
Stand up and then shout it
Stand up feel alive
Stand up and be counted

A game to be played, a play to be mastered
Time to use some guidelines that you make on your own
Follow your friends, ignore those bastards
The space you claim today is your castle, your home
Track Name: Whatever Happened To
I wanna rock 'n roll before it gets too old
Be cool, skip school, and never do what you're told

Whatever happened to - thin ties
Whatever happened to - lined eyes
Whatever happened to - Best Buys
And all the glory that was Teenage Head

I wanna twist and shout, be ultrahip when I'm out
New Wave, misbehave, and pogo 'til I pass out

Whatever happened to - Real Kids
Whatever happened to - The Skids
Whatever happened to - Cheap Trixk
And Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage

I'm all dazed. Confused. They were Born to Lose
All dead, or wed, nothing left to choose

Whatever happened to - The Ruts
Whatever happened to - buzz cuts
Whatever happened to - Punk Gods
The Adverts, Eater and Anarchists like you
Track Name: Epic
Wanted to tell you - you're not alone
Wanted to tell you - you should've known
The darkness was creeping much faster than we knew
Never realized there was nothing we could do

Wanted to tell you - you would've won
Wanted to tell you - but you were gone
A death in the home, a death in the family
A mortal wound is opened and you know it's gonna bleed

Don't know what to say
We were all blown away by the bloody mindless turn of events
A new reality, a voice for you and me
For the kids and the innocents
A voice above the crowd, a voice that shouted loud
Has been cut - it stops making sense
Now we've all been burned, it simply won't return
We've lost our last line of defence

Wanted to tell you - it's not so bad
Wanted to tell you - it's not so sad
A drug culture victim that can't take that extra shove
Like many it seems, yu were killed by Love

It seemed that you had so much more to live
It seemed that you had so much more to give
Spirit of teens. Possibilities.

Could it be that you were so misunderstood
It seemed that you had everything - none was any good
None heard you calling, none saw the warning

A generation without a home
A million friends who now are all alone
None heard you calling, none heard the warning
Track Name: Too Trendy To Live
Do you remember all those geeks in high school?
The teachers pets? The all-around class fools?
Where are they now? Are they all accountants?
Lawyers on the prowl?
Or is it even worse man, maybe you should look around

Too trendy to live, too stupid to live
Dense enough to believe all their own lies

Post-secondary drips forever more
Just can't face what the world's got in store
Bizarre haircuts, a jagged suit cut, a mind that's shut
So you're just a real class-A goofball alternative nut

A poison pen can't substitute for learning
An attitude is something to be earned
Where is the fire? Where's the desire?
Nothing to inspire
So in the end you're just another liar
Another cog in their machine
Track Name: The Stand GT
Just a bunch of country boys who didn't understand
They should be happy out working the land
A little bit of attitude, some Boss distortion and...
Glengarry's favourite sons form a rock 'n roll band

Drive, just drive
The band will survive
Drive, just drive
The Stand will arrive

Hanging at the Highland Games, playing Ed's with Crash 13
Touring the country with Johnny McBean
A criminal consumption of Blue, we all turn green
A few drunk roadies are left at the scene

A Celtic streak that keeps the motor humming
Canadian to the Core
The original plaid rockers are coming your way
The pedal's on the floor

A chicken coop to practice in, a hatching of new stars
Scrape them off the floors of those anglo Québec bars
Hit the road, damn the snow, it's all part of the show
Beers, guitars and roadies - they're ready to go
Track Name: Fight The Religious Right
Self-righteous indignation and a pulpit full of fire
Born a second time - didn't do it right the first
A short old guy in Rome stakes his claim as God's town cryer
Rules written in the Dark Ages make 'em ewant to do their worst

The world revolves but not inside the castle walls
Knowledge, rights and fairness sacrificed for their cause
Learn from your history - they're the centre of it all
Crimes of nature, ignorance - and most of all, the wars

I hear the lies, I see the fire
Of madness burning coldly down deep in their souls
Religious right, religious liars
Blinded to everything outside of their goals

A little mind control, a big mythology
Don't worry 'bout the women, they'll do just as they're told
Their twisted logic is a scary thing to see
Drown the world in bodies in the worst story ever told
Track Name: The Country Of The Damned
Got a really rad designer hat that I wear
Silver spurs, a satin shirt that's too debonaire
My Chevy's on the rocks but it's All-American
Comes with a gun
I know where it's at

The Neon Armadillo's my mecca of sorts
Looking for young babes with big boots and jjean shorts
Dancing in a pattern, they're as dense as they may seem
A rhinestone dream, bottled blonde of course

Welcome to the land down under where God owns a 4-wheel drive
Dolly is the world's eighth wonder
And real men feel alive
In the country of the damned

Got me a job on the assembly line
Screwing little rivets is a really good time
After work I head for a really cool truck stop
Drink 'til I drop
I walk the line
Track Name: Random Killing
Lying in the mud, feel I wanna die
Try to focus on, the cruel Alberta sky
Our paths converge, it's Zen or something worse
The final prayer for those who are accursed

Drinking high octane, redefining art
Rev that Cadillac, the show's about to start
The kids converge and now they're gonna win
The band revives, they're ready to begin

They didn't understand, how could they have known?
The babes they would be damned, eardrums would get blown
The crowd it circles round and round they go
And madness tramples those who are too slow

Kicked in the nuts
A shot to the head
Better watch out buddy or you're gonna be dead
It's a Random Killing
You're a Random Killing

The undertakes smiles, a terrifying grin
There's fire in his eyes, an inclination to sin
Falling down, and screaming out in pain
Your whole world, it goes insane

Smoking killer weed, drowning in their beer
Falling to your knees, screaming out in fear
You find yourself unable to resist
A welcome to their world that can't exist
Track Name: Country Core
I want to grab you by the throat, make you understand
I'm the opposition vote to all of your plans
Your faces change as they appear on my TV
But you're all the same to me

I wanna look you in the eye, make you look at me
I wanna see you cry helplessly
The powers that surround you are a paper-thin false shield
And you're all the same to me

I'm gonna fight you every day
I'm gonna fight for my own way
You never got me to believe
You never fooled me
Coz you're all the same to me

You think that you're unique, all your friends are too
The Losers of the Week and so are you
A little glitch of insane demography
And you're all the same to me