by Ripcordz

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released May 21, 2011

PAUL GOTT • vocals, guitars

ALEX • bass on 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12
ALEXANDRE ROY * drums (live)

Recorded by MARK PERNO at Hell's Kitchen Studio, Longueuil
All songs by Paul Gott (SOCAN)



all rights reserved


Ripcordz Montreal, Québec

Formed in 1980 and been playing ever since. Proud Punks from Montreal. We've played more than 2,500 shows and put out 15 albums. But we're not living in the past. Our new stuff is our best stuff.

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Track Name: Paranoia
God dropped by for a shot of gin tonight
Everything was cool until he started a fight
Making fun of Buddha’s girth while Zeus he denied
Mohammed had to break them up before someone died

Could it be a little paranoia?
Everything I do, it just annoys ya
Did I mention the paranoia?
All that pain will just destroy ya

Black suits line the stools along the whole damn bar
Speak into a buttonhole and you’ll be a star
Drink watered down Tom Collins ‘til their money’s all gone
They can’t tell the difference with those sunglasses on

The pope he stutter steps quite well despite all the robes
Tangos with our hooker with a heart of pure gold
Barkeep takes old Scarface and he pulls him aside
His helicopter took up all the parking outside

The TV features me, caught in the show
The boys on slow poison, when will he know?
Track Name: Fight for my Breakfast
Do an honest day’s work for a dishonest paycheck
Ten hours straight, get paid for eight
No hope, no fun, no respect
My boss’s fate immersed in hate

Fight for my breakfast, I’ll fight for my lunch
Fight for my dinner, I’ll fight the whole bunch
Fight in the evening and fight through the night
Fight fight fight ‘til morning light

My girlfriend’s cool but she just don’t get me
What stokes my fire, what lights my ire
Want a little less nice, a lot more dirty
Have to

The light is fading, welcome night
A simple path to make things right
Got my gang behind me, kings of the inner city
Test our honour and we’ll fight

Fight for my breakfast, I’ll fight for my lunch
Fight for my dinner, I’ll fight the whole bunch
Fight in the evening and fight through the night
Fight fight fight ‘til morning light
Track Name: The Ballad of Emily Davison
I fall through darkness, seeking courage, seeking life
No fear, it’s you who fills my dreams tonight
Morpeth’s pride, justice bride, fill ‘em full of fright
Voting for that freedom that had always been denied

Woh-oh, woh-oh
It’s the ballad of Emily Davison

Loud and proud, it’s not allowed, but justice seldom was
The marchers gather slowly ‘round her strength and ‘round her cause
Stoning the Exchequer, burning down medieval laws
They torture her in Strangeways Gaol but they won’t give them pause

“Rebellion ‘gainst tyrants is obedience to God”
A Punk in petticoats leaves everyone in awe
“Deeds not words” a motto and a blueprint for new life
The suffragettes change everything with Emily their light

It’s June of 1913, Lords and Ladies at the track
Emily jumps forward and she’s never coming back
Trampled ‘neath the king’s horse is how they record the act
A changing of the guard is how we recall the fact
Track Name: Norm Next Door
This is the story of Norm next door
A straight-A student who wanted more
Loves his mom, supports the war
He blows ‘em all away

His folks say Norm will change the world
“He’s to die for,” say the girls
Fame and fortune, fate unfurls
He’ll blow them all away

A mind, defined
Too bad he had to waste it
Defined, declined
He’ll blow them all away

A perfect path to a perfect life
A perfect home, a perfect wife
He strived and strived and still there’s strife
He’ll blow them all away

It’s so hard to be the same
The freaks and geeks won’t play his game
Choices wane ‘til none remain
He’ll blow them all away

I’m walking slowly across the quad
I’ve got my faith, I walk with God
A love, a gun, a path I trod
They’ll hear just what I say
Footsteps break the silent screams
Red lights flash, invade my dreams
Real life pops onto the scene
And blows ‘em all away

Friends united one and all
Remembering his holy fall
Tears and anger, now appalled
He blew them all away
Track Name: Twisting at the Edge of the World
One dance — to make them green with envy
Last chance — to save the world
One dance — and the whole place empties
Last chance — to get the girl
Won’t lie tonight
Wallflowers they look at you
What are you gonna to do?
Won’t die tonight
Gonna keep those bodies warm
Dance up a real storm all night

Last call — Dick Cheney’s in the hall
Someone spiked the punch and I know I drank it all
Last page — the two-step takes the stage
I feel that I must join, you know it’s all the rage

Just find a partner and hold her tight
They wouldn’t card her, we’d all just die of fright

Twist twist
It’s all right in the hips
I’m twisting at the edge of the world
Track Name: I Am Canadian
Sipping on some spruce beer, eating hot poutine
Passing out in bars when I was just 18
Know to move the nets when someone yells out “Car!”
Somehow Don Cherry is a TV star
Know what Shania wore in every single song
But never turned the volume on
True, free and strong

I am Canadian — BC, Saskatchewan
I am Canadian — Métis, Acadian
I am Canadian — Québécois and back again
One thing that unites us from the west to the east
Everyone hates those prima donna Leafs

Tory isn’t Spelling, it’s Conservatives
Don’t know what Canadian bacon is
Know who won the bloody War of 1812
Drinking Molson Export to improve my health
Don’t zip my jacket when it’s minus 23
And there’s no such thing as the letter “zee”
True, strong and free

Pamela discovered right in BC Place
Jonas might have saved the whole damn race
Alex asks the questions that have set the pace
Teresa took us all into a warm embrace
Wayne was great, but what has he done for us lately
Track Name: Gotta Get Out of Humboldt
A slow wind ripples through the fields like dreams lost on their way
The sky burns red and orange hope, surrendering the day
The kids who hang at Main Street park, they skate like others pray
My mind turns circles with their wheels
I’ve got to get away
One spin, one win, one chance to break it easy
One way, one day, and then I’m gone

Racing down a dirt path in a pickup built for speed
The dashboard Elvis plays possessed, the Devil knows my needs
Pull into the BV bar, the gravel screams with fright
C’mon baby, time to go, the road is ours tonight
Embrace the chase, the world we always dreamed of
One night, one right, and then we’re gone

Gotta get out of Humboldt baby
Gotta get out of Humboldt now

Racing down old Highway 5, our homes they fade to black
The tape deck plays Spy 66 to keep us on the track
Black Towers of the wheat pool watch as we rush by
The road of hours is ours to own ‘til the sirens cry
No choice, one voice to keep the motor running
More speed, more need, and then we’re gone

Gotta get out of Humboldt baby
Gotta get out of Humboldt now

I don’t wanna go
Track Name: Six Shooter
Pass me a bottle and pour me a beer
A black flag of courage, a sip of pure fear
Sentences submerge each time she comes near
I’m sentenced to silence for 1,000 years

A shot for my old friends, a shot for the new
A shot for some stranger, a shot for the crew
A shot for the pit punks and one for the blues
I’m all out of ammo when I come to you

Band plays a lullaby, bar is my bed
Visions of Chucky still dance in my head
I’m drinking it all, Absolut through to zed
I hear my voice echo — did I call her Fred?

An angel with alcohol perched on stilettoes
A devil, a danger that steals all that I knows
She smiles and suddenly lost all my clothes
And she’s gone.
What have I done?

I get up, I throw up, I lose my lookout
I stagger back slowly and shout at the lout
Satan awakens and tosses me out
Be back at the Bovine by Friday no doubt
Track Name: Bored With Society
Britney’s back in rehab but she’s still so rich
Soldiers are all heroes, Dubya’s spawn got hitched
Got a new style courtesy Penelope Cruise
So many big bright pictures, there’s no room for the news

Bored with society, bored with society
Bored with society, bored with society
Bored with society, bored with society
Bored with society, bored with society

Jamie Lynn’s new baby has a full head of hair
Looking for Kirk Cameron — just why should I care?
Rihanna likes her butt and dammit so do I
Could this be all we need for only one ninety-five?

This is the way
This is the day
This is the play
This is their say

Forget blood diamonds, pink is in for Ellen and friend
Celebrities are talking, wisdom never ends
Haliburton’s boring when Naomi’s on trial
The Viet Nam of reason, the Big Brother of style

Fact or fiction, what is the hint?
All the nudes are fit to print
What they think is what we know
On and on and on they go

The cult of personality is all we see
All our idols they’re created live on TV
Give me Minnie, Harrison, Paris and more
There’s no problems, no solutions, no losing war

One, two, 1 2 3 go
Track Name: 38 Seconds
Slammin’ in a Punk Pit on a Saturday night
Revolving around with the crew
A bonehead’s hittin’ boys and girls like it’s his right
What are you going to do?
Will you let him rule the place no matter the cost?
The scene would soon be lost
Or will you take him out before he kills the whole thing
The band it plays, we start to sing

One date, one fate
38 seconds to change your life now

Watching through the window as the marchers go by
One of them looks at you
Asks you through the pane if you’re willing to try
What are you going to do?
Will you let a gang of strangers fight your good fight?
Battling for your rights
Will you stand up, hold your head up into the light?
The future of change is here tonight

Walking down Ste. Catherine on a beautiful day
Basking in the blue
A car it races madly, there’s a kid in its way
What are you going to do?
Will you be a bystander the rest of your life?
Look at the drama and cry
Will you be a hero or a real sacrifice?
Willing to pay the ultimate price

38 to change the now
38 to change the how
38 to change the frown
38 to change the down
Track Name: What Can I Do?
Tantalized, mesmerized, captured by the screen
Pixilated, master-rated, captured by the queen
Not too late, must escape, freedom in the air
In a bind, lose my mind, turn around she’s there

Reality? It’s real to me and that’s all that I need
Fantasy? It’s fun to me, so fun I start to bleed
What can I do?

Supersized, victimized, willing to be had
Rubberized, rub my eyes, willing to be bad
Off the wall, down the hall, ‘cross the street and more
Anticipate, participate, with what she’s got in store
What can what can what can I do?
What can what can what can I do?

What can what can what can I do?
What can what can what can I do?
What can what can what can I do?
What can what can what can I do?

Back on screen, like nicotine, a habit I can’t break
Overdosed, now I’m toast, I have it and can’t breathe
Simonized, compromised, cyber-spaced all night
Deadly smile, killer style, surf me ‘til I die
Track Name: Shoot the Tube
Surfin’ total solo, getting better every day
The beach is so inviting but so very far away
I’m The Big Kahuna, it’ll say so on my tomb
Caught the wave at my place and I never left the room

Hang ten, fifteen, twenty-five, got nothing more to prove
The breakers are all trippin’ as I flash my coolest moves
Grab a board and join me, time to get into the groove

I’m an old stick rider, off the lip is what I do
No need for black and white, it’s straight into Big Blue
Flat top or desk top, now I just get so confused
J-Walker, big talker, I’m guilty as accused

Now my board is all jacked up, you floaters were too slow
I’m rippin’, rollin’ racin’ coz old Eddie sure would go
Ready, set, avoid the net, this thing’s about to blow

Cyber or surfer, it’s Punk
Ready for action and drunk
Setting an edge in the wall
It’s miffy, it’s iffy, it’s all
Track Name: Ho Ho Ho
It’s Christmas Eve turn out the light
A thump thump thump gives me a fright
Sneak downstairs, what do I see?
But mom on Santa’s knee

“You’ve been naughty” Santa says
As she wraps him in her legs
Seems he’s the one who gets the joy
Just hope he leaves a toy

My world it buckles as he chuckles
Ho Ho Ho

Kris’s job is way too tough
Milk and cookies ain’t enough
Mom’s eyes go wide, she sees my gleam
And she starts to scream

A big Arbuckle slapstick chuckle
Ho Ho Ho

Got a sack of stuff from Old Saint Nick
My mom she don’t miss a trick
Now be ready for something funny
Want more loot from the Easter Bunny

Thump thump thump wakes me once more
Know just what I have in store
Mom caught in a bunny hug
Chocolates on the rug

Does his buckle, one more chuckle
Ho Ho Ho