Made in Montreal

by Ripcordz

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Our 15th album, but our first concept album. That concept: Montreal. All the songs were written during a time dominated by student protests which turned into great community-wide protests, with the occasional riot. So the album has a bit of a revolutionary slant.


released October 24, 2014

PAUL GOTT vocals, guitars
ALEX ROY drums, vocals

recorded and mixed by RENE D LA MUERTE
All songs written by PAUL GOTT (SOCAN)



all rights reserved


Ripcordz Montreal, Québec

Formed in 1980 and been playing ever since. Proud Punks from Montreal. We've played more than 2,500 shows and put out 15 albums. But we're not living in the past. Our new stuff is our best stuff.

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Track Name: BPG

Wake up so sore, face on the floor
Glasses, chairs and Punks aground, looks like we’re at war
Time to stand up, never grow up
Stumble over to the bar and serve myself a cup -- of beer

Music it booms, echoes of doom
Punk is dead but getting better right across the room
It’s one-two-three, for destiny
Just close your eyes, listen close, be just what you wanna be

Night or day? It’s hard to say, years they seem to fade away
Watch your back, a sneak attack but we will win the day
Lean and mean, a killer Scene that means just what you say it means
Climb a stack or fade to black, just set priorities

My heart it stops, and then I drop
Find myself back on the floor, a pit revolves on top
Then there she stands, offers her hand
I climb those fishnets back and hope I never land again
Track Name: Riot

We’re marching slowly and we won’t look back
Strength in numbers, strength on track
A peaceful protest when the cops attack
It all turns to black

Wanna Riot
Ain’t nothing more for the cops to do
The streets belong to you
I wanna riot

Gestapo cops march with beating shields
Gas masks make it all too real
The kids are running but they’ll never yield
Turn around and deal

The fat blue line it wavers in the haze
Seen through burning barricades
And then I’m hit with an adrenaline daze
Fears begin to fade
Track Name: Proud To Be

Proud To Be a Punk from Montreal with all that word can mean
Proud To Be with friends and strangers who know we are the scene
Proud To Be in a community that screams diversity
Strength and honour win the day

Proud To Be a skin a psycho or a thrasher in the pit
Proud To Be the opposition and you know that we won’t quit
Proud To Be the voice of anyone who thought their Voice was gone
Strength and honour win the day

Proud To Be part of the working class coz class is what we are
Proud To Be someone whose values won’t be changing with the law
Proud To Be part of the message sent to a lousy government
Strength and honour win the day

Win the day -- we stand united
Win the day -- we stand to fight it
Win the day -- we stand to right it
Win the day
Track Name: Made in Montreal

It’s Friday night, I feel alright, we’re fighting with the cops
A soundtrack from les casseroles, sirens start their screaming
Battle joined, kicked in the groin, a grunt and then he drops
Justice served, their just desserts
Surrounded, my time slows -- and stops
Made in Montreal
Where there’s a party you will find her
Made in Montreal
It’s a weekend state of mind

Got my bail, I’m out of jail
There’s poutine on my plate
La Belle Province gives us a chance
To recharge from the charges
Next on hand, we catch a band
The attraction is Fattal
Habs on TV, my loyalty
divided beer makes it -- égal

Raised in old school NDG, part of Little Burgundy
Party down on St-Denis
Buy beer at the corner store, willing to fight for a cause
Ignore all the traffic laws
Got green hair? No one stares, Punk Rock bands are everywhere
Party town from here to there
Track Name: Welcome to the Death House

The sun surrenders quietly, shadows creep all over me
Now we reach the end of day, night begins to play
Bodies stir and bodies rise, eyes reflect the bloodshot skies
Stagger slow along the tracks, then the band attacks
Wah-oh -- crusties, skins and drunks
Wah-oh -- the Night of the Living Punks

It’s Whiskey Shits and Rat Patrol
The crowd it loses Self Control
Horny Bitches, Irish Nails
With Crimes to tell the tales
Wah-oh -- crusties, skins and drunks
Wah-oh -- the Night of the Living Punks

Welcome to the Death House
Only one speed -- full out
Welcome to the Death House
Don’t get it? -- then get out
Welcome to the Death House
Power up -- it’s all out
Welcome to the Death House
Party ‘til you pass out

Liver bleeding, eardrums shot
Bodies line the parking lot
Firebreathers cut the night
Cops they want to fight
Wah-oh -- crusties, skins and drunks
Wah-oh -- the Night of the Living Punks
Track Name: 728

Gun in hand, eye on the prize
Kids all talk, she knows it’s lies
Stop them dead, pepper spray surprise
Wanna destroy

Hanging out, beer in hand
It’s so wrong, don’t understand
Take them down, just coz she can
Gotta destroy

728 -- time to detonate
728 -- so full of hate
728 -- it all degenerates
728 -- so full of hate

Friends and fans they let her down
Won’t give in, she owns this town
Watch your backs, don’t suffer clowns
Gonna destroy

Guts and glory, all in hand
Downtown allies undermanned
Toss the bosses, they’re too bland
Wanna destroy
Track Name: Let's Go, Expos

Down 3-2, it’s getting late
Our heros are on hold
Le Grand Orange steps to the plate
There’s nothing here but gold
Strike one, strike two, we still have faith
Rusty will come through
Cameras flash, anticipate
That glory will come true

Let’s Go, Expos
Raise a glass and raise the roof
The town’s about to blow
Let’s Go, Expos
In ‘69 we had the proof baseball would never go

The bleachers rock, the fans they stand
And Rusty tips his hat
We roar as one, hot dogs in hand
And Rusty cocks his bat
There’s the windup and the pitch
The ball is on its way
Leave those doubters in the ditch
Coz ten will save the day

Bocabella booms
Stoneman stones the room
Fifty cents gets you through the gate
To watch your team be great

The ball streams in and Rusty swings
Breathing put on hold
The crack of contact and it sings
The glory we foretold
The ball streams out like it has wings
Jarry Park explodes
A perfect end is what it brings
And headlines all in bold
Track Name: Disarm all the Cops

August 9, 2008 -- a beautiful bright day
The kids are out and dice is what they play
All attention on the game as they roll the bones
No one sees the cop, he’s not alone

Disarm all the cops -- tonight

A quiet day turns violent, no reason to be found
Innocence left lying on the ground
The cop he tells his story in black and white and red
No one seems to care that Fredy’s dead

Disarm all the cops (x3) -- tonight
Disarm all the cops (x3) -- for life

A lesson learned -- trust them, get burned
Watch anger spark and light the night
No charges laid -- no debt is paid
Now we all know what’s wrong, what’s right

Cops close ranks, justice stank, a whitewash in disguise
All innocence lost, grounded in their lies
Track Name: Red Square Revolution

The kids are marching right before your eyes
The revolution’s being televised
History will be revised, but not tonight -- it’s live
We gotta try
They can’t deny
No more lies
It’s the evolution of the institution-alized

‘Copters overhead they drown out your TV
Drama overtaken by reality
Open the door, what can you see?
Change comes in 3D
You gotta go
They gotta know
You gotta show
Show up all the doubters, join the crowd and shout it loud

Freedom -- fighting for what’s denied
The red square revolution
Will set up a new solution tonight

It’s not too late, participate
Decide your fate -- tonight
It’s up to you, no chosen few
Know what to do -- we fight
Track Name: Fool Me Once

It’s time to feast, gorge on roast beast
Soak the suckers, do just what we please

Cut off the top, no need to stop
The three per cent solution sets up shop

Fool me once, I’m ashamed it’s me
Try it again, there’s gonna be a fight

The deal is done, a hole in one
A whisper in the dark you know we’re gone

We build it nice, at twice the price
Take a fair shake then you add the vice

It’s time to be , democracy
One choice, two, it’s all the same to me

Vote and get fooled, vote and get ruled
Think it’s change? Get ready to be schooled
Track Name: I Am Not Alone

...and a brave new world begins in 1945
Been fighting for so long, just glad to be alive
Medals and parades won’t feed my kids, my wife
No home, no job and no respect -- now I battle to survive

Oh no -- I’m not alone
Just need a little help to make it on my own
Oh no -- I’m not alone
Just need a little help so I can find my way back home

When those we fought for fail us, the communists come through
Henri Gagnon helps us find the pride that we once knew
A band of brothers band together, victory in sight
The League of Homeless Veterans are going to take it back tonight

Won’t lose to fear
Won’t disappear
Won’t let you, can’t let you, even come near

Squats and brothels, empty lots become our new domain
But when we take the armoury, the cops they go insane
Come at us with everything, now’s the time to play
And we know what we must do if we are gonna win the day
Track Name: We are the 99

Alex drums for half the Punks in all Montreal
Benoit is a banker but he wants to stand tall
Chris knows all the answers, Danielle is a dancer
Emma’s a director, François the connector
We are the 99

Gemma keeps her friends and her community strong
Hannah takes no crap, she knows her rights and her wrongs
Isaiah is a student, Jenny’s never prudent
Karen is the newest, Lenny’s a tatooist
We are the 99

You hold the money but the power is ours
The masses will make out fine
Politics surrendered to the ones in the towers
We are the 99

Matty’s place is truly where the Scene can be seen
Nadia ruled the clubs when she was just 15
Olga never sold me, Paisley poses boldly
Quinn our favourite farmer, René is a charmer
We are the 99

The place is here, the time is now
And you’re the one that’s gonna show us how
Track Name: Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Boiling slowly in the August sun
Crushed by masses, I know we’ve won
Hear the whistle and here it comes
Fifty thousand road as one

Crowd spills out on the tracks
Camillien is on their backs
We know fiction from their facts
Party while the world attacks

Never give up, never surrender
Stand up, stand out for your rights
Keep that prize in sight

Windsor Station is where it begins
Marching proudly and we start to sing
Inspiration can do anything
And you know who’s gonna win

City full of fun and vice
Guided by those neon lights
Skip the day we own the night
Populism done just right

Four years labout camp for Mr. Mayor
Four years lost coz he showed he cared
Four years later time to set it right
It all starts here tonight
Track Name: Christine

Alley-drinking Friday night, Tremblays on the ground
Sacrifices to our cause, the bottles must be downed
Annointed by frère alcohol, it’s time to hear the loud
I stumble out, ignore the shouts, head straight into a crowd

I believe -- that one day we’re gonna take ‘em all
I believe -- that Christine can take Miss Montreal

The Crescent Street Kid stands alone surrounded by his crew
Disciples of an emptiness still looking for a clue
Miss Montreal was following behind a pace or two
The congregation gathers for a chorus of abuse

One right, one might
One fight, tonight

The Crobar empties, street it fills, the battle lines are drawn
David or Goliath? Choose the side you’re on
Silence stretches painfully then broken by a roar
Friends beside us, friends to guide us as we go to war