What If They Held A Revolution And Nobody Came?

by Ripcordz

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released January 1, 2003



all rights reserved


Ripcordz Montreal, Québec

Formed in 1980 and been playing ever since. Proud Punks from Montreal. We've played more than 2,500 shows and put out 15 albums. But we're not living in the past. Our new stuff is our best stuff.

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Track Name: X
Wandering through the streets on a Saturday night
Wondering what could take you, make you feel alright
The clubbers and the lovers with their prepackaged smiles
Pass right through you, leaving just a trace of their knives
What if you were not alone
What if you're the great unknown

We are the boys, we are the girls
We are the noise, we are the world
We are the youth, we are the truth
We are the X, we are the next

School's a black hole straining, draining all of your week
So doped up on Ritalin we can't even speak
What if your existence can't be categorized
Feel frustration building right behind your eyes

Television shows the families you love to hate
Magazine ideals just seem really cut-weight
A world designed by boomers obsessed by their fate
No room for a generation born too late
Track Name: Punk Rules
Jeans are straight and tight, patches placed just right
31-tooth smile, t-shirt from the pile
8:35 and it's so good to be alive
The band it has arrived, says you can stage dive
Just one reason why Punk Rules

The circle pit goes round, circle Punks go down
Pull her off the floor, smiles and goes for more
The chase is on and how could anything go wrong?
Her Docs are cherry red, says she'll give you head
Man just one more reason Punk Rules

A world apart
A tribe, a nation
So this is Art?
Another reason Punk Rules

Your friends drink all your beer, a Norm steals all your gear
Cops raid and you ran, passed out in the can
A sad end still in sight 'til pit-girl finds the light
Slaps you in the head, takes you to her bed
Did I mention? Yeah - Punk Rules
Track Name: D'Oh Canada!
Our homes were build on native lands
The strong conquered the free
Ten tinpot tyrants think they command
What's it mean to me?
They say the people get what they deserve
Could it be that someone's holding something in reserve?
D'oh Canada

The true north lost direction
An ad-man saves the day
True patriots' beer collections
Now the Canadian way
They say it our from far and wide
And still sell distant dreams, just without the pride

D'oh Canada
It seems so clear
Greatness so near
D'oh Canada

We stand on guard, we hang around
Our hearts refuse to glow
We stand on guard, make no sound
Go-go with the flow
The glory was all meant for you and me
The politicians that control it, they're thrown in for free

D'oh Canada
It seems so weird
Greatness to fear
D'oh Canada
Track Name: Ian Starts It
Nightfall slips down on the 'burbs
Cold radiation fills those living rooms
A message slips between the words
Drink Pepsi, buy GM, go to your doom

Caught in the glow (as you were)
A rainbow monotone (don't go)
The sores they start to grow (as you were)
And what if you were not alone?

Weapons of mass communication
Rain down on the lawns and the Bar-B-Qs
Hey Miss Mid-America
Ever get the feeling you've been used?

Ian starts it, Jane joins in
François comes along
Jackie's there and pretty soon
You're a hundred thousand strong

A sunrise right between the eyes
The birds they bear the red, the white, the blue
A new day blooming in the East
The stars and stripes they burn without a clue

Ian starts it, Laura's there
Beth, René and John
Alex puts the message out
A million more will come

Call for change keeps pounding at your door
The northern front is now at a roar
A friend in deed, a friend and so much more
A voice so loud it can't be ignored
Track Name: Fight Back
I didn't know, why didn't you tell me?
All set to go, head first into history
You didn't lie, and still you deceived me
No reason why, no call to destiny

A gathering of voices, unity of choices
The sun looks down in wonder, to sounds of distant thunder
A protest built on freedom, not a U.S. kingdom
No thought it would tear asunder
Tear gas, marching madness
Cannons catch peace marchers by surprise

No retreat, no error, cops just spread their terror
Grandmothers are crying, college kids are flying
From free trade standard bearers
Marching, still they're marching
Still they fill the air with toxic breath

Tear gas, think fast
Escape, too late
Regroup, recoup
Fight back, attack

Teddy bears and slogans met by status quo guns
Isolated powers, Gods within their towers
Orchestrate war and feeling
Madness, caught in sadness
Caught in crosshairs that decide our fate

What's the message sent home when the government sends out the goons?
A round for our side, but there's still so much that's left to do
People power shows its face so politics go underground
Now's the time to use the system
Make them listen
Make a sound
Tear gas is past
Let's hope
Let's Go
Track Name: Let's Go
The kids are in the street
Voting with their feet
Powers to defeat
Talk for you and me
Did you forget why you think you're free
Pop a Pepsi, watch it on TV

Inside battle lines
Secret deals are signed
Suits are whined and dined
Corporate cops align
Spin doctors, they watch the nightly news
Can't heal the wounds as they turn the screws

Voice raised and then they shout
Anarchy in action's all around

They're fighting in the street
Voting with their feet
Cops turn up the heat
It don't mean defeat
Calls for reason lost amid the sound
Peace in pieces, trampled underground
Track Name: The Fence
They built it up, it's up to you
Seven Ks of barbed wire insults
Freedom isn't given, it's a right
Take it from us and you know we'll fight
It must come down

Good fences make good neighbours do they?
You can never hear a word I say
A line of cops to blocks off our ideas
Freedom of speech lost amongst the tears

Why do you think you know the facts from what you saw on air?
Why attack the kids who are the only ones who care?
A little lesson in democracy
Disention is permitted, but not for you and me

A town divided, friends united
A freedom found, a torch ignited
The symbol of a new agenda
Look outside for your defenders

The battle lines are drawn
It rages on
Just hold your ground
It must come down
Track Name: Annoy Your Parents
Annoy your mom
Annoy your dad
Annoy 'em all
Who tells you what's good, what's fun
And who decides what's bad?

Oops we missed the school bus
Ecstasy awaits us
Cops've got our prints now, and all our mugs
The Boss and band just so suck
The Stones are simply Old Fucks
Hello ma, this is my brain on drugs

Make your own way
Make your own day
Make your own fate
Cross the line, redefine and excommunicate

A little petting peevish
Low riders and cleavage
Your clogs and Calvin fashion were never cool
Want me to be perfect?
What if I just can't fit
Into a place where you make the rues?

Sticks and stones may break your bones
But words leave you alone
Track Name: Freedom Fried
Stop dear, time to hear fast food philosofear
A deep-fried sacrifice will make it clear
Bite-size counterspies, we won't believe the lies
A ketchup cocktail up between the eyes

The special of the day
Will let the spuds enter the fray
Coz you know that we all like our freedom fried

One shot in the pot, nuke 'em 'til they're good 'n hot
Slice, dice, bad advice is all I've got
Don't halt finding fault, add pepper and assault
Dumb, deaf, shoot the chef and act appalled

Cholesterol has killed my brain
Boiling oil will make me sane
War is peace we've got to go
My television told me so

Watch your back we must attack
A friendly little tuber snack
The menu for the modern world
Straight, crinkled, even curled
Track Name: Gone Too Soon
A friendly smile with hints of nothing to hide
We hardly knew you
A mohawk high to make the tourists fly
Couldn't see through you
Found a place where friends surround you
No one knew what you planned to do

Hey, Steve, hope you are near
Always there, then gone too soon
Hey, Steve, buy you a beer
Turn around, you're gone too soon

Ready for a rumble on a Saturday night
Ready to party until blinded by light
Memory murals aren't near enough
Wish we knew when things got rough
Track Name: Baby Is Waiting At Home
Paper's piling high
The telephone it starts to cry
And all I can think of is you

The world is rushing by
Little fish are getting fried
And all I can think of is two

Welcome to the working day
Folks to meet, bills to pay

The clock it moves in slow motion
Say that now with more emotion
The young, the wasted, the few

Surrounded and alone
Take whatever I am thrown
Coz baby is waiting at home

Hard to figure, hard to say
Let's do lunch another day
I'm sure I've got something to do

Come on answer
Can't you hear the ringing of the bell?
The pod people will take your cash
And make you feel so swell

Touch control, a voice that smoulders
Good headset on her shoulders
Even my folks would approve

Phones ring, bosses yell
Daydreams go to Hell

Another second gone
Don't know if I have won
And still all I think of is two

The clock an evil notion
State that now with more emotion
The young, the hasty, the few
Track Name: Door 9
Take a chance and take a look behind Door 9
Could it be you'll become a friend of mine?
Wanna enjoy, destroy all the rules
Come on and find Door 9
Wanna destroy, enjoy all the fools
Come on and find Door 9

Corridors are classless if you're taking your time
Teenage victims of the latest fashion crimes
Wanna enjoy, destroy all the lies
Wanna destroy, enjoy 'til I die

What if you could find a home?
What if you were not alone?

An education for the few and the proud
Anarchy in action if the doorway allowed
Wanna enjoy, destroy and the walls
Wanna destroy, enjoy all the stalls

Free all the girls and the boys
Come on, unite and destroy
A world awaits you outside

Took a chance and found yourself behind Door 9
Now my friends are yours and yours are mine
Wanna enjoy, destroy all the noise
Wanna destroy, enjoy all the noise
A world awaits you inside
Track Name: Weekend Punks
Took the bus from Halifax or Lanaudiere
Hop a train in Chicoutimi-Jonquiere
Hitch a ride pretty much from anywhere
Got a rendez-vous in Berri Square

Come one, come all to Montreal
Welcome all the weekend Punks

Your whole life you carry on your back
Got your patches all arranged and you're wearing black
Take a look at life from the other side
Leave your parents well behind

Outrun your shadow will you?
Outwit the cops
Inside is where you find truth
Once you start it never stops

A squat is home sweet home, a squeegee is your due
Dining out with friends at Resto Dans la Rue
Come for the Chaos, stay for your life
Your old world it ends tonight
Track Name: Sensible
She's a sensible woman in sensible shoes
Sensible clothing and sensible views
Sensible, sensitive, caring and then
Some fresh advice from Oprah and she's happy again

He's a Conservative man in a conservative suit
A conservative party that's no fun to boot
Conservative, preservative, knows who should live
Knows how to add but forgot to forgive

It ain't democracy if you think the same way
It ain't freedom if we do what you say
Stop. Go. I'll never know
Why it's all so grey

Tried true and pure
A future assured
Watch the phone, drink alone
Style. Smile. Endure.
Track Name: Girls In The Pit
He's a big fat bruiser, what a loser
All elbows and no sense of fun
She's a mohawk warrior, nothing worries her
And she knows what must be done
No need to fight
She's got him in her sights
And it's slam bam thank-you ma'am
Girls in the pit

Behaving badly, spinning madly
All sweat and strength to forge the mood
Friends are drinking, arms are linking
A chorus line with attitude
Lost in the sound, lost and still found

Sugar and spice is all quite nice
But she's got some fresh advice
Gotta drink them under, speak like thunder
Smile and make them pay the price
Punk 'til she dies, kiss the boys and make 'em cry