Your Mother Wears Army Boots, But Man She Looks So Cool

by Ripcordz

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released June 6, 1996

PAUL GOTT - vocals, guitars
FRANÇOIS DEMERS - drums, vocals
CHRIS MOROZ - bass, vocals

Backing vocals - Emma Tibaldo
All songs except Wonderful World by Paul Gott (SOCAN)
"What A Wonderful World" by George David Weiss & Bob Thiele (ASCAP)
Recorded by Rob Martens at Studio 365



all rights reserved


Ripcordz Montreal, Québec

Formed in 1980 and been playing ever since. Proud Punks from Montreal. We've played more than 2,500 shows and put out 15 albums. But we're not living in the past. Our new stuff is our best stuff.

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Track Name: Theo Likes It
I had a dream of a world without rules
Where age made no difference and no one was cruel
And in this dream law and order were tools
So no one thought to ask you just whose side you were on

I'm gonna skateboard right down Highway 13
Smoke up in the boys room, never keep my place clean
I'm gonna cross the street before it turns green
Theo likes it better when you do your thinking on your own

I had a dream of a world without rules
Laws were always fair, politicians were cool
And in this dream cops were friendly, not fools
So no one ever had to wonder just whose side that they were on

I'm gonna walk just where I wanna walk
Never wear a helmet or put a leash on the dog
I'll play loud music and you know its Punk Rock
Theo likes it better when you do your thinking on your own

I don't know - I didn't understand
I don't know - why should I care
I don't know - I still don't understand
Why you feel you have to tell us what we can do
Why you don't realize that the problem is you

I had a dream of a world without rules
Where your life was your history, life was a school
And in this dream people made their own rules
And no one ever had to worry just whose side that they were on

I'm gonna stay just where I want to stay
I don't recycle, no lip service to pay
Fun is where you take it - gotta go your own way
Theo likes it better when you do your thinking on your own
Track Name: Army Boots
Your mother wears army boots, but man she looks so cool
Even tho' I know she was born way back in '62
Your mother wears army boots, but man she looks so cool
She's the queen of the baby boom

I fell in love with her the first time that we ate
When I watched her wrap her lips around her fork and start to masticate

Your mother wears army boots, but man she looks so cool
A '76 Punk Rocker who's breaking all the rules
Your mother wears army boots, but man she looks so cool
She makes my heart go boom

I worship at her feet, my lust I can't deny
When I help her lace her 32-hole Docs up to her thighs

Your mother wears army boots, but man she looks so cool
Now I like to visit her when you're off at school
Your mother wears army boots, but man she looks so cool
She makes my parts go boom

Now she takes me to her room to help her with her hair
She strokes it and she teases it high, way high into the air
I watch her magic fingers work, I find I'm mesmerized
I watch her standing tall and proud, her mohawk stiff and high

Your mother wears army boots, but man she looks so cool
Leather, spikes and attitude that blow me through and trough
Your mother wears army boots, but man she looks so cool
She makes my parts go boom
Track Name: Dive
Julie is 16 - she's just a small kid from the burbs
Her parents Stones collection is all she ever heard
Jimmy's a new friend, his green hair makes her parents frown
He drags her to a Punk Rock concert at a club downtown

She could never have imagined
All the different boys and girls
She could never have imagined
There was such a cool new world

Watched them in the pit, the body surfers on their rides
But her eyes went wide when she saw her first stage dive

She could never have imagined
All the fun that passed her by
She could never have imagined
All the fun she had to try

Dive! Dive! See how it feels to fly
Dive! Dive! Reach for the sky
Dive! Dive! Don't let it pass you by
Dive! Dive! Don't listen to the lies of those who don't know how to try

An eternity in air, she never hits the ground
Surrounded by friendly strangers and a friendly sound

Dive tonight, fly tonight
You can't get any higher
Dive tonight, fly tonight
Your life burns so much brighter
Dive tonight, fly tonight
The freedom just delights her
Dive tonight, fly tonight
Let her freedom guide her, just where she wants to be
Track Name: GoGoGo
Alex was a small-town Punk
His parents called his music junk
Couldn't make no friends or wear his street clothes to school
He just couldn't play that old country cool
Then one summer day some town boys blocked his way
Trapped in broad daylight, trapped for his whole life
Then one pulls a knife, he's just fighting to survive
He knows his day's just getting worse when the cops arrive

GoGoGo Time to choose a life, time to choose tonight
GoGoGo A better world's in sight, your feelings are your rights
GoGoGo Go right from the start, go right from your heart
Your instinct's always true, have some faith in you

Moved to Montreal and stayed
A squat and squeegee made his way
Could say just what he meant, say screw the government
Could mingle and could even get laid
They claim he ran away but that's not what we say
His life had gone astray, now's a better day
Who says what is right?
Who should control your life?
And still his day'll just get worse if the cops arrive
Track Name: Loonies
It's Thursday night and it's okay to feel alright
Cheap beer tonight, and all your friends will be inside
The pitbulls are all lined-up on the sidewalk near the door
A Punk lies in the gutter, but he's only resting up for more

A scene is just where you find her
New School's just an old state of mind
Loonies is a Punk Rock reminder
Of the days that we all knew
It's just another night with you

Erin comes says "hi" and Brooke has got a brand new smile
Dylan just dropped by to get a Jagermeister high
Local bands have members scattered right across the room
Julie gives out cigarettes to you and me - and who knows whom

The cops don't understand and they're trying to fry it
We don't give a damn coz we're having a riot

Sham 69 is Rob's choice platter at this time
Rebecca serves no wine, and no one wants a slice of lime
The squeegees are collected as their owners stagger home
The 'hawks and skins depart at three but never go on their own
Track Name: Don't Wanna
Sit down for a nice home-cooked meal - Don't Wanna
Dress the part, your fate is sealed - Don't Wanna
The TV tells you what to wear - Don't Wanna
The tunes you play, your brand new hair - Don't Wanna
Can't listen no more to the lies
Their arrogance offends me
All I'm saying in the end is that I'll be free

Don't wanna stay, don't wanna go
Don't wanna play, don't wanna know
Don't wanna right, don't wanna gloat
Don't wanna fight, don't wanna vote
Don't wanna win, don't wanna lose
Don't wanna sin, don't wanna booze
Don't wanna hear, don't wanna see
Coz I, I will be free

You work, you never save a cent - Don't Wanna
For a boss you know is ignorant - Don't Wanna
The system's set, it's theirs to keep
You kill them when you go to sleep
The war was over long ago but still the fight goes on

Now they say don't spend a cent - Don't Wanna
Save it for retirement - Don't Wanna
The system's broke, it's yours to fix
Don't bother them, they've had their kicks
Now it's time to take the reins, time to make a change
Track Name: Skanking Madness
School days drag, will never end
Can't find no job, no cash to spend
But you forget to worry when the skanking madness grips you

The lineup forms right down the hallway
But no one gets uptight
Punks and Skins united always
Or is it just tonight?
The crusties on the 80 bus will scare the ravers home
The squeegee kids count all the change to make it on their own

Spotlights burn through smoky air
Sweat-soaked clothes too hot to bear
But you forget to worry when the skanking madness grips you
Never mind the cops outside
The pit will take you for a ride
And keep you in its grip until the skanking madess gets you

Domenic's a friend of ours, a Punker yet polite
Books cool bands in all the bars and it's ska tonight
The Planet Smashers at the Jailhouse rock in gold lamé
Better clear out all the tables when they start to play

S is for Skank
K is for Krank
A is for the Anarchy you see when we dance

Anglos, francos, boys and girls skank blindly through the night
Who needs a job? Who needs the world? This all feels so right
The songs revolve, the hour turns, exhausts you on the floor
The songs revolve, the hour turns, your body yearns for more
Track Name: Eric and Susan
Eric was our friend he was the king of the guys
Funny, clever, a glint in those eyes
He'd always do what's right, never lost in a fight
Hosted poker at his place on Wednesday nights
Married Susan, his high school girl
The perfect couple, she was his world
He was our ideal - his work, his humour, his wife
The perfect couple and the too perfect life

A happy tale, a happy couple tonight
A happy tale, a happy ending in sight
Living out the ever-loving suburban dream
So god damned perfect that you want to scream
No more

Eric won in poker as he won in his life
The deal is on, the joker takes it every time
Susan served the beer but when the chips were all down
Her perfect smile looked like a shadowy frown
"Cute but clumsy" good old Eric would say
Makeup can't hide bruises in the cold light of day
Last night alone with Eric, Susan fell down the stairs
Two broken ribs, a broken nose and blood everywhere

We went to Eric's on this Wednesday day
No poker game, we just dragged him outside
He didn't stand a chance, the odds were one on five
We left him in the mud, but we left him alive

Why - why did he do this
How - did we not know
Why - could not prevent this
How - could she be free
How can we set her free
Track Name: Party in Pembroke
The crowd's behind the screen
The tees on the machines
The kids are in the living room reading magazines

A pit forms in the yard
The neighbours stand on guard
Loud Punk music fills the air of Pembroke after dark
The house band pounds it despite being grounded
The tour is opened with a small-town promotion

Not fashionably cool
Small-town crowds just rule
Don't change their clothes or attitude as they're leaving school
Drinking hearty at a basement party
Sweating heavy like a '69 Chevy

Time to say goodnight
A bicycle as our guide
And we're on our way
To a party in Thunder Bay
Track Name: The Dentist
I love a woman in a uniform
Snapping rubber gloves have always been my norm
I follow nurse's orders, do whatever she asks
Smiling oh so brightly 'neath her glowing white mask

Forget the shots, forget the novacane
I live for the moment, live for the glorious pain

Strapped in the chair I feel a helplessness
An S&M design from Lang's Metropolis
An H.G. Wells Martian eye still hovers above
Finding me, blinding me, I think I'm in love

Open wide is something that I'll do for you
Drill me deeply there's a hole to fill or two
I'll be back again when I've got cavities
So pass that extra double fudge cake over here please
Track Name: Swamp Cow
James lived in the Townships and he loved rural life
He could never leave
Heard the old tales told 'round hearth fires late at night
But he could not believe
Late one All Hallow's Eve to meet his sweet Kathleen
He took his oft-used shortcut
Through the fens down by MacAdam's stream

Stay for the night - why don't you
Stay for a fright - why don't you
Stay for the tale I'll tell you
The Legend of the Swamp Cow Blues

The river's gurgle couldn't hide the silence of doom
James picked up his pace
The something dark eclipsed the light of the moon
James began to race
His fear surrounded him and then he heard the scream
Looked back to see what was there behind him
And then he fell into the stream

He struggled to his feet but knew the race was lost
And no one heard his cries
Turned to face his fear and he realized the cost
Terror filled his eyes
A flash of fangs and the beat of leathery wings
The legend adds another victim
Another verse for the muse to sing