A Right Is A Right EP

by Ripcordz

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released January 1, 1990



all rights reserved


Ripcordz Montreal, Québec

Formed in 1980 and been playing ever since. Proud Punks from Montreal. We've played more than 2,500 shows and put out 15 albums. But we're not living in the past. Our new stuff is our best stuff.

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Track Name: A Right Is A Right
Dad’s still working on a beer, kids are out on sign patrol
Mom breaks out the riot gear, TV’s preaching mind control
Tell the people what they want, wave the flag instill some fear
It’s a demographic joint, the majority’s oppressed this year
I don’t quite understand it yet
I don’t think there’s much to get

Coz a right is a right is a right
A Right is a Right is a Right

Businessmen in suits and ties, Punk Rockers with arm bands
Ain’t much of a disguise, transparent egos throughout the land
Politicians they sharpen their knives
The cattle gladly surrender their lives

Now I’m not much for Anarchy
But there ain’t much left there for me
Whatever happened to democracy?
Why can’t they just look and see…

Come on down enjoy the fun, check those egos at the door
We’re all losers when they done
Hear the rich laughter of the poor
There’s 101 bottles of beer on the wall
Pretty soon I’m gonna drink them all
Track Name: 21st Century
Living in the New Age that you made
I look around and I don’t like what I see
Mysticism’s running your parade
While people suffer a catastrophe
The bread lines form outside your pretty picture
The poor get poorer and the rich get richer
I just get angry when I see you talkin’
Meaningless crap leaves the masses gawking

Welcome to the 21st century

Living in the poverty you made
Crawling down the alley on her hands and knees
Watching while the hopes all start to fade
Is it a crime or a disease?
Politicians can’t take no decisive action
The war on drugs are a convenient distraction
Watching while you let it fall apart
You lost the race, right from the start

We don’t need you
Don’t need no old map to show us the way
Don’t need your distractions to lead us astray
Track Name: Cheez Metul
Do you believe in democracy?
Do you know what it means to be free?
Get your info from the TV news
Get your attitude from their schools
No thinking, no blinking, no Beijing
Mindless propaganda keepsn the masses in line
Cradle of democracy’s a state of your mind

Can’t you open your minds to see?
What’s out there seems so clear to me
Get rid of some of that political nonsense
What you got left is just a little more common sense
I wanna shake out all your ignorant views
Make you see we all got something to lose
Why don’t you just get up and fight?
Gotta stand up for your rights, right now
Cut all that political crap

Can’t you see, what’s out there seems so clear to me
On your knees, right down where you’re supposed to be
Keep playing those games and keep saying what you’re meant to say
You’re losing your perspective while the politicians win the day
You’re never gonna grow out of those cliquey little things you do
Just stand by while the world screws up
It’s got nothing to do with you
Track Name: Two-Way Mirrors
Looking at you I can see myself
I know it’s gonna be bad for my health
Look at those eyes, reflecting lies
I lose myself I can see those suicides
I penetrate your disguise
Two-way mirrors

Keep me in the darkness sweetly
Make me prisoner discreetly
Bring my greatest fears to meet me
They say they’re mirrors of the human soul
Reflecting terrors, the dark secrets you know
Bedroom blue, frightening hue
Keep sinking deeper in the mystery of you
Make me forget what I knew
Two-way mirrors

They say that love should make me float on the clouds
But she won’t tell me if I’m even allowed
Strutting down slowly in control she’s so proud
Track Name: Means To Destroy
You keep on talking like you’re ruling the world
Never notice anyone outside of your walls
Company calls for you

Close-minded dogma from old parchment unfurled
Geriatric cases preaching yesterday’s news
Eat the bread and drink the booze

Christians worship idols of a man on a cross
While preachers in the Bible Belt are milking the poor
Religious sideshow on tour

Jews and Muslims killing in the name of their God
Don’t seem to notice the emptiness of their words
Hypocritic boys and girls

Can’t you see
Living in the world of the past

I see those men so wise
I see right through their lies
Can’t aknowledge changes in society
Living safely in the eighteenth century
Now it’s more than just a thing to annoy
Now it’s still another means to destroy