100​,​000 Watts Of Pure Power (At Least That's What We Tell All The Girls)

by Ripcordz

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released January 1, 2006

PAUL GOTT • vocals, guitars
ALEX • bass

All songs by Paul Gott (SOCAN)



all rights reserved


Ripcordz Montreal, Québec

Formed in 1980 and been playing ever since. Proud Punks from Montreal. We've played more than 2,500 shows and put out 15 albums. But we're not living in the past. Our new stuff is our best stuff.

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Track Name: 911
Monday tortured by a glimpse
Tuesday see you all the time
Wednesday is full of hints
Thursday and I’ve lost my mind
Weekend warriors await my call
Can’t shift from neutral, can’t do nothing at all

I feel like dialing 9-1-1
I can’t remember where the number’s gone
My head is swimming, my knees are weak
I’m all clichés 'coz it’s so hard to speak

September passes unaware
The Fall begins, it never stops
Finals fly, it’s truth or dare
Might as well call the cops
Paralyzed, my brain on hold
Hope I sigh before I get old

Speaking clearly, hoping much
Pleased to meet me, double Dutch
Deadly pretty, keep in touch
Sense I’m making in the clutch

Another year or two
Mind emerging from the murk
Found again but lost to you
Thirty hours late for work
The life I live for you for once
Call it emergency response
Track Name: Chaos Girl
Hide in the corner don’t move don’t dare
Choking on the air
A family of hatred coming up the stairs
He knows she’s there
The doorknob turns, her life revolves
Wait for the pain
A flash of black it all resolves
Chaos girl saves the day

Chaos girl will save the world
She’s fierce, she’s pierced, she’s totally awesome
Chaos girl will shake your world
She’s tough, she’s buff, she comes...
To make them pay

Crushed against the barrier facing down the cops
Thousands at your back
Guns are lifted time slows, time stops
Then they attack
It’s people versus corporate cash
Heroes come to play
Sirens blare and headlights flash
Chaos girl saves the day


She’s faster than their loco motives, she won’t swallow lies
She won’t leap to their conclusions, they walk while she flies
She’s a bird, she ain’t plain, here she comes again
Truth and justice are her friends, we know how this ends
Track Name: Ghosts Of Griffintown
Sun so sharp it cuts the air, digs shadows in the ground
A sky so blue it sucks life bare, the grays will then surround
The mists they gather silently, watch as they world passes
Voices whisper stridently of generations past

The working class built everything the suits are tearing down
Can’t you hear the screaming of the Ghosts of Griffintown

Factories and furnaces now skeletal remains
Echoes of the blood, the hope, the dreamers and their pain
The sentinels of history line Lachine Canal
Their hearts torn out to make way for mod condo banal

I hear the dreams, I hear the screams
I hear them calling me
I feel the shame, I feel their pain
I hear them calling me

The rails that cut the earth still wait for trains that never come
Share the town’s, the workers’ fate, their purpose long since done
A legacy that’s left so gaunt, a history in denial
The Ghosts are left to haunt the few that still remain behind
Track Name: Alphapunk
A is for Anarchy, B is for Beer
C is the Chaos that’s always so near
D is Distortion, E Energy
F is for Friendship and that’s you and me

G is for Grrls, H is Hardcore
I is Intensity, never a bore
J Jagermeister, K more Kaos
L is for Latex, buffed to a gloss

AlphaPunk — is it to be or not to ABC
AlphaPunk — like Sherlock says, it’s elementary
AlphaPunk — once upon a rhyme and we’ve set the scene
The choices that you make today will set the path for who you will be

M is for Mohawk, N is New School
O Oi and Old School, they're so much more cool
P is for Punk Pit, Q is Quebec
R is for Ripcordz, we’ll five ’em all Heck

Caught in kindergarten quandary
Hanging out on Elmo’s street
It’s a snap, just read your laundry
The choices that you make today will tell us who you’re going to be

S is for Squeegee, T Troubled Teen
U is for Upstart, never Unclean
V is for Vinyl, W Wow
X is for Xander, he’s our hope now

Y is for You coz You Are The Scene
Z is for Zippy the Pinhead supreme
Track Name: Emotional
Our parents suck, school’s out of luck and no one understands
It’s a catastrophe
Suburban kids, expensive vids, fresh philosophes in bands
It’s plain for all to see

It’s not the beer, it’s just that we’re — emotional

Rebellion is cool but you won’t find it on TV
A remote possibility
Respect and understanding don’t find anyone for free
Show some ability

If pop bands lead your fight the choice is weird but it is yours
But they ain't Punk and don’t you ever call that junk Hardcore
Dishonour History
Track Name: Punk Nation
Form Courtenay to Halifax we travel this great land
In protests outside parliament to parties in east Van
No matter the play, the Punks win the day
One nation united we stand

It’s a Punk rock nation
It’s a Punk rock life

The kids in Humboldt rule the plains in baggies and ball caps
In Brandon it’s all pickup trucks and rehab relapse
Raise the Champagne cause the one thing’s the same
A moment, a future, a past

From downtown Prince George pizza joints to Long Sault hockey rinks
A loading dock in Fredericton, the cobalt on the brink
Whatever the site, it’s Punk for the night
We party we drink and we sing

The kids are the reason, the kids are the way
There’s more every season, there’s more every day

It’s Ab Irato, Knucklehead, AWT
From city sounds to tiny towns there’s always the scene
Apart but the same, a constant refrain
A nation state of mind’s all we need

Don’t need their law and borders, got a fill of all the orders
The rules are waived, the place is yours and mine tonight
On common ground we own this town, they never bought us
We decide how we live and die tonight
Track Name: Guantanamo Bay
We love the world and we’re going to show it
Even if the going gets tough
Don’t care if you’re too dumb to know it
Salvation can get rough
Don’t you see that we lead our own morality play
A little blood is simply the admission you pay
Now here’s the latest and you’d better use it
An offer that you can’t refuse

A freedom fest, a fine vacation
Call it arrest and relaxation
A fabulous stay care of the U.S. of A.
All expenses paid at Guantanamo Bay

Got all the time you need for deep reflection
Just let it mirror our needs
Your own trainer helps introspection
You better fall on your knees
We’re your new family, you’re never alone
If you get lucky we might follow you home
Sun, sand and isolation
It’s our brave new way

Conventional Geneva stuff is for the bad guys
So why’re you talking to me?
You really wouldn’t want to get us mad guys
I’m sure that God would agree

Think that you came up short?
That Gitmo’s our last resort?
Could’ve booked your stay at our spa in Abu Ghraib
Track Name: Rip-Off
A dark and stormy night
Shadows shudder in the light
Electric charges flare
Smoke it boils in the air
Spontaneous reaction according to plan
An idle American kick at the can
Badness gains ’til madness reigns
They’ll eat your brains ’til none remains

Quite an example to set for the kids
Copy the poppy and churn out the vids
It’s alive, no it’s all jive, no it’s all lies
It’s a Rip-Off

Meanwhile back at the lab
Inject a little fab
Mix in some M.O.R.
Create your own Frankenstar
A monster in the making, a monster in deed
The curtain goes up and it starts to feed
Teeth they gleam in magazines
Behind the scenes, it’s all screams

Darkness seduces the land
Judgement day a hand
The air is thick with dread
It’s The Dawn of the Singing Dead
They take the stage, no life no spark
Proverbial masses an easy mark
Demon seed of network greed
They have their needs and we all bleed
Track Name: Welcome To Lucky's
I lift my head up and I try to focus
A stream of bile drips from my lips
The barkeep smiles he makes me nervous
My head’s as empty as my wallet is
It’s so damn hot in here, juke is playing Tears for Fears
I’d sell my soul for a beer
I get that smile again

Welcome to lucky’s, where it’s always crowded
Welcome to Lucky’s, there’s no whining allowed
Welcome to Lucky’s, where the minds are clouded
Drown yourself in booze, man you’re born to lose
Won’t ever, can’t ever, must get away

A beer appears, I drink I feel like dying
“Point five per cent is all we’ve got tonight”
Girls all wearing cotton and I feel like crying
Hope the juke can finally make it all all right
It’s full of 80”s hits, pull the plug it just won’t quit
A conga line then forms in the pit
All their smiles so wide

I just can’t win, now it’s a toothy grin
Sweat tumbles down, i pray that someone hears me, turns the heating down

Spot the waitress my heart it starts a-pounding
Fishnets, leather mini, anorexic thin
Tap her on the shoulder she turns around and
To my horror she’s ugly as sin
“Kiss me” she spits through broken teeth, her breath so bad that I can’t breathe
Hold me tight I know I’ll never leave
Lucky now he starts to laugh
Track Name: Sailing
Sailing, sailing
We make our own rules as we ply the seven seas
Sailing, sailing
The world’s on its knees

Now sit right back me-hearties coz I’ve got a tale to tell
Of hearts and souls we sacrificed to Consumer Hell
Slaving in our factories, 10 years old or 12
Dead men walking never tell

A friggin’ in the rigging and you know who you can thank
Try with those objections and we’ll make you walk the plank
Hide the Jolly Roger with a happy face
All the treasure buried, without a trace

Got the scurvy rats a-workin’ and we pay ’em as we please
The wenches at a discount, the government agrees
A hook is our best weapon, parrots our friends
We’ll never make amends
Track Name: Crunch Time
We’ve come to slam, we’ve got the plan
The pits out in the island get an extra special punch

Arms linked one and all, faced across the hall
Poised to party, ready for the Campbell River Crunch

It’s crunch time
Crunch time
Crunch time
Coz that’s what friends are for

The band it strikes a chord, the lines they start forward
Two Punk armies rushing to inevitable doom

They meet of course, explosive force
The bodies of the victims are left strewn across the room

Pull your friends up off the floor. they’re bloodied but not bowed
The pit revolves, evolves, awaits the bodies of the few, the bruised, the proud

Lines form once more, empty the floor
Crunch time countdown starts again, no loitering allowed
Track Name: Blood On The Floor
A bloody pall hanging in the sky
The sun beaten back by a blistering eye
BC welcomes us through cracking lips
“Welcome to our Apocalypse”
Descending into Vernon, the smoke it taints the air
Warning calls are sounding, but the Punks are everywhere

Blood on the wall, blood on the floor
Blood in the hall, he’s coming for more
Bloody and proud, bloody and loud
Bloodied not bowed, he’s ready for war tonight

The pit it stretches wall to wall
Baptized by fire at the Japanese Hall
Rules get bent and bones get broke
Grab the problem by the throat
Elbows in the pit always get everybody pissed
Meet a little justice — an Atomic-powered fist

It’s never just another night
It’s never just another fight
The Okanagan known just for a lake
We know it’s kids that make it great
Track Name: Ontario
They say that in the Hammer, the air is very fine
Just don’t take no deep breaths or you’ll leave your lungs behind

Oh I don’t want no more of your old life
Gee ma, don’t wanna go
Back to Ontario
Gee ma, I wanna go home

They say the nation’s capital can get kindof dull
But that’s okay coz all the kids can just go straight to Hull

Hey. Ho. Hey-ho, won’t go

They say that in fair Timmins the girls are mighty fine
Shania moved to Europe and left us all behind

Won’t go where money ebbs and flows
Won’t go where all the hot air blows
Won’t go on those eternal roads
Won’t go to Ontario

The say Sault Ste Marie is a pleasant place to be
So why do all the kids call it Sault Ste Misery