by Ripcordz

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Our second full-length album. We'd changed a lot since the surf-punk / sound-of-77 songs on the first album... so much so that some people thought we were a different band. Nope. Different drummer, but same band.

Fun fact: John, the bassist who recorded the next album with us, is actually in the crowd in one of the small pictures on the album cover.


released January 1, 1992



all rights reserved


Ripcordz Montreal, Québec

Formed in 1980 and been playing ever since. Proud Punks from Montreal. We've played more than 2,500 shows and put out 15 albums. But we're not living in the past. Our new stuff is our best stuff.

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Track Name: Pizza Girls From Hell
The sun is sinking quickly
Makes the pink smog look so Doggoned pretty
I get this urge I just can’t satisfy
Crawl to the telephone
My head it spins the dial to Hell
Calling those girls I know too well

Four on the floor
Burning rubber trails through dusky night
Sleek black machines hit the road at last daylight
I sit in terror, try to fight the urge I can’t resist
Waiting for that deadly kiss

Pizza girls from Hell, Gee they look so swell
All dressed, they’re done so well

A horror movie come to life
A teenage dreamboat nightmare wife
Excuse me if I yell and scream
Don’t interrupt my teenage dream

Suddenly the doorbell rings
It slowly opens, there they stand
Radiating lust with pizza in hand
They walk right in, the carpet burning in their wake
My whole world begins to shake

All poured into leather suits
Perched on spike-heel thigh-high boots
These are the girls my mom warned me about
And now I’ll give it up for just a night or two
To have my pizza and eat it too

A horror movie come to life
A teenage dreamboat nightmare wife
Excuse me if I yell and scream
Don’t interrupt my teenage dream
My soul is on the line tonight
I’ll give it up without a fight
You can take the whole damn world
For an evening with the Pizza Girls
Track Name: Can't Fool The Kids
I hear you talkin’ though I can’t make much sense
Looking so serious, sounding intense
Old politicians, actors over the hill
Say drinking, drugs and sex are all that can kill

But you can’t fool the kids no more
No, you can’t fool the kids no more

Self-righteous assholes tell us what should be done
I say Nancy Reagan should say no to her guns
Start fighting military build-ups and war
Leave the kids alone, they won’t listen no more

Don’t you see you’re losing your old self-righteous fight
Preaching from the Bible of America’s right
Take a look around and tell me what do you see?
A messed up world, you wrecked it for you and me
Track Name: Cruisin' The Spaceways
I got a rocket with a racing stripe
It’s gonna take us up tonight
I got a rocket and it’s outta sight
Just buckle own and hold on tight

I got a rocket it’s got four on the floor
Tinted glass windows, a titanium core
I got a rocket at the used rocket store
It’s gonna grab you, make you scream for more

Cruisin’ the spaceways… with you

I’ve got a rocket, it’s got room for two
I saved a seat here just for you
I got a rocket and it’s leaving at noon
Why don’t you come aboard, enjoy the view?

I got a rocket and it’s at my pad
Come down and visit, it’s the latest fad
I got a rocket with a loan from dad
It’s the best trip that you’ll ever have

I got a rocket but you got one too
It beats the best curves I ever knew
I got a rocket and it’s leaving at noon
I’m gonna take you, make you part of the crew
Track Name: No More
I was downtown driving, the roof was down on my car
When I heard that music coming loud from a beat-up bar
Had to double park, get out and get on my feet
The beat moves me round, got me dancin’ in the street

Gets me goin’ down, keeps me goin’ round
I haven’t heard that sound in years
Got me thinkin’ of the time when music was so fine
The music revolution is here
No more teeny-bopper poppers for me

Had to go inside, had to follow that crazy sound
All these cats they was groovin’ on round and round
The place was old and dark, but I finally found a seat
I sat there drinkin’ my beer, lose myself in the beat
Track Name: Kidnoise
Nuclear war, George Bush
It’s all the same when shove comes to push
Acid rain, Styrofoam
You want action? You’re on your own
Pay your taxes, play their game
The teeming masses, you’re all the same
Politicians, government
They’ll suck you dry of every cent
Cut you tail you bleed to death

Short pants, short hair, got to watch just what you wear
Black & Decker, dreadlocks, it’s the school of hard knocks
Cool patrol, marketing, the lyrics they don’t mean a thing
Buy our tunes, lose some cash
We need your money for our trash
Cut you ‘til you bleed to death
We don’t like it

Give me money honey coz I’ve got a deal for you
Old men with guitars have shown me all I have to do
Not to worry, there ain’t nothing new
Keep the cameras rollin’, got the script it’s all airtight
Aerobicizing backstage, man it’s outta sight
Got a geeky crew, bunch of dancing fools
High-heeled babes in spandex, man they look so swell
The song just ain’t important when the clichés work so well

I don’t care about history when I got MTV
Filling up my empty life with lies
Keep your problems to yourself, don’t care about no one else
Don’t think to much, you’ll start to cry

In a perfect world, it’d all be fun
The bad guy would always be on the run
And all the girls and boys would listen to Kidnoise tonight

Hear our message, it’s so clean it don’t matter what it means
Just stop thinkin’ ‘bout the world outside
Electric drums, Valium, come on down and give me some
Now you’re being taken for a ride
Track Name: Do You Believe?
Do you believe in Old Saint Nick?
A jolly old guy who gives to the rich?
Do you believe in mistletoe, kissing people you don’t know?
It’s all in faith, no need to reason
Just kill a tree for the Christmas season
Do you believe?

Do you believe in the Easter Bunny?
The Tooth Fairy? You’re in the money
Do you believe in Peter Pan?
His fairy dust makes magic, man
When you go to sleep don’t extinguish the light
There’s monsters under your bed tonight
Do you believe?

Do you believe that rock ‘n roll
Has got the power to purge you soul?
Do you believe in limousines?
Air-brushed photos in magazines?
Old-age rockers meet Mr. Hall
An interview laced with Geritol
Do you believe?

Lying, crying, trying, dying
Admit defeat, seek release
From a willing suspension of disbelief

Do you believe that might makes right?
Never give up without a fight
Do you believe in Desert Storm?
Drug wars, Star Wars and the right to bear arms?
You don’t need no smarts, just patriotism
Most of this stuff don’t stand to reason
Do you believe?

Do you believe in democracy?
Do you know what it means to be free?
Do you believe in the US of A?
The two-party system’s the American way
Just sit at home and feel powerless
Equality’s just round the corner, miss
Do you believe?
Track Name: No Choice
Jeanie was a little girl
Never meant no harm at all
Johnny was her special friend,
Always laughed, they had a ball
But they grew so fast, things changed then
They could never be the same again then
Jeannie wanted Johnny to stay
More than words could ever say

Father Flynn’s a man of God
Told Jeanie sex was not the way
He believed women should keep their place
Preferred altar boys anyway
Her parents told her boys were evil incarnate
Jeannie just couldn’t learn to hate them
Didn’t want to go where they led
Jeanie took Johnny to bed

Can’t they hear her voice?
Can’t they see that they left her no choice?

Good old folks ran the town
Made sure there was no sex ed in class
So Jeanie just couldn’t have known
That she’d have to grow up so fast
Johnny held her, told her he’d stick by her always
While the nurse told her of her new ways
Johnny’s folks they moved to the coast
Jeanie’s dad, he broke her nose

Nowhere to go, no one to talk to
Shadows creep across, obscure what she can do
Fear and shame are all that she’s feeling
No information to tell where it’s leaving

Doctor Johnston did the job
A couplea hundred bucks a go
Jeannie found it all so odd
But her parent’s just couldn’t know
It was the only option she had
She didn’t know why she felt so bad
Quietly, without a fuss
Jeanie bled to death on the bus

Jeanie’s folks, they blamed modern times
Father Flynn agreed in kind
Shed the right amount of tears
Went back to being blind
The schools, the still preach abstinence
Doctor Johnston profits from the ignorance
Jeanie’s name just joined some lists
Johnny went home and slit his wrists

Jeanie’s story ain’t so strange
Some things’ll never change
Track Name: Long Dark Train
I hear it coming now the clock is striking midnight
It cuts its black path through the night
I know that long dark train, I feel it coming nearer
I pray it doesn’t stop tonight

I heard those tales of something wicked this way coming
And now I know them to be true
The whistle blows, the train is screaming on its journey
I feel like running home to you

And now I see the driver and he’s looking at me
Looking deep into my soul, and I know
Never can escape that long dark train

I feel a chill as that black train rolls through the station
It doesn’t stop for me today
I know it’s full of souls bound for dark destinations
Nothing can stop it on its way

And tho I’m back in your warm arms again this evening
They just don’t warm the chill of fright
As I wake up from the dark depths of my cruel nightmares
And hear that train scream through the night
Track Name: Open The Pod Bay Doors, Hal
Open the pod bay doors, Hal
It’s getting cold and dark outside
I don’t want to know how to die
The universe sucks at my mind
Leaves my sanity behind

How can I let go? How can you say so?
How can anyone be ready to say goodbye?

Lines cross and lines end, some things just never mend
You can tear ‘em in half but big boys don’t cry

God cheats at his game, death is his brand name
The big picture just never tells you why

Open the pod bay doors, Hal
It’s so cold and dark inside
I know I have to die
The universe sucks at my mind
Leaves my sanity behind
Track Name: Don't Kill Yourself, Kill Your Parents Instead
Can’t understand the way you dress
You lousy slob, you room’s a mess
Don’t like any of your weirdo friends
Get a job, the free ride ends
Why can’t you be just like mom and dad?
Looking so good, follow the fads
Things were so perfect when they were young
No one thought, so nothing went wrong
Home sweet home
All alone, escape the danger zone

All you ever need is just a little time
All you ever get is just the same old line
Take a look around, the madness never ends
Don’t blame yourself, you’ve got nothing to defend
Don’t kill yourself, kill your parents instead

Sit down and get rated, opinions aren’t tolerated
Rules aren’t debated
Think of the mess that could be created
The golden rule, back to school
Train to be a fool

And now a message for all you censors
Kinda wish you’d develop a funny bone
This ain’t no Goddamned li-te-ra-ture
It’s just for fun, why don’t you leave it alone?

Can’t trust anyone at the polls
Plasticized, they’re all too old
Never listen to you anyway
The public trough is where they play, public sough
Where can… where can you turn to now?
Track Name: Two Minutes To Midnight
ally was the girl next door
Knew just where she was coming from
Worked at the corner store
Straight-A student, queen of the junior prom
Said all the right things at all the right times
She had it made
Knew all the right people, flashed all the right signs
She had it made in the shade
Had her whole life laid out in front of her, every day
All she had to do was wait

Sally was the girl next door, the all-Canadian cover girl
Had more brains than they gave her credit for
Looked around and she saw the world
Saw that the reality they’d created was a jail cell
Started breaking down the walls and living her life
By herself, and her rules
Her parents and her teachers they lost all their control
They were fools, she left them behind in their schools
You say it’s wrong
How can thinking for yourself be anything but alright?
Live free and strong
Cutting through the slogans, it’s two minutes to midnight

Sally is the girl next door, knows just what is going down
Works at the leather store, hangs out in the clubs downtown
Got the clothes on her back never takes any flak from no one
Works enough to get by, never has to say why
To no one, or no thing
Left behind their empty lives, their corporate lies forever
She’s daddy’s little girl no more

Can’t you see she’s right?
Keeping people stupid is no way to have freedom
It’s “Live free or die”
But freedom to you is just a corporate kingdom
It’s lost all its charm
With hypocritic morons leading the dogfight
Sound the alarm
Coz she’s thinking for herself and it’s approaching midnight