There Ain't No 'H' In Ripcordz, Dork​-​Face

by Ripcordz

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released October 1, 1992



all rights reserved


Ripcordz Montreal, Québec

Formed in 1980 and been playing ever since. Proud Punks from Montreal. We've played more than 2,500 shows and put out 15 albums. But we're not living in the past. Our new stuff is our best stuff.

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Track Name: Anarchy
Ever get the feeling that you're just a statistic
No one ever listens to a thing that you say
All their democratic talk is kindof sadistic
Making you look forward to a better day
Examine your beliefs
It's time to taste a little bit of Anarchy

Seems that those in charge are still abusing all the power
Taking people hostage, getting paid by the hour
No more rules
No more schools
No more killing innocents
No more nuns
No more guns
And no government

Communism fell 'coz they all got too power-hungry
Capitalists don't wanna know
All their economic forecasts are so ignorantly sunny
While a generation loses its soul
Examine their beliefs
It's time to try a little bit of Anarchy
Track Name: Lose Yourself Completely In The Idle Worship Of Elvira
Guys with acne, guys with scars
Guys with tattoos that say "hi" to Ma
Girls in fast cars, with pointy bras
Kinda look like they all come from Mars
And they're all going down to sacrifice themselves to Elvira

Dim the lights, unhook the phone
Pitch-black makeup, silicone
Reality or fantasy, will knock you down onto your knees
And you find yourself bound tightly on the stone-cold altar to Elvira

Of course it's true, it's on TV
Lose your video virginity
To the symbol of the century, The Mistress of the Dark

Latex-clad Black Label ads start looking like your mom and dad
Organ music fills your mind, UV rads will make you blind
And now you're lost forever in the idle worship of Elvira
Track Name: Silicone Teens
Mom and ad are cruisin' in their Beamer tonight
They got bulletproof glass and a clean line of sight
Gonna rid the whole damn place of drug-dealing scum
They're the will of the people with a registered gun

Silicone Teens Rule

Living life the west coast All-American way
Got my parents' plastic and I'm feeling okay
Docs are polished, t-shirt torn, I'm ready to go
Gonna check out MRR and find a really cool show

When California sinks into the sea
Ain't gonna mean all that much to me

Don't got no real job and I'm still living at home
I'm a registered free thinker just don't leave me alone
Lifting weights, I'm looking good just like dear old dad
One day I'm gonna join him side-by-side in his lab

I'm an Anarchist with attitude, do all the right things
As long as it don't mean that I can't live like a king
Mom's implants aren't leaking, no they're looking real cool
Gonna talk my girlfriend into getting some too
Track Name: Miss Belgium Should've Taken It
Hairspray flies, video lies
Keeps them turning round and round
High-heeled shoes and bathing suits
Never a blemish to be found
All enthralled by this cattle call
We worship at the screen, but what does it mean?

No justice in this world, no justice for that girl
In the swine of the universe, she was the pearl
No way she could be faking it
Miss Belgium should've taken it
Been Queen of the World

The rest were bland, dismiss them out of hand
With mama backstage to make it all alright
Plastic boobs, hair cut in '52
Smiling so wide, they gave me a fright

And what's the stuff with all those questions
They ain't got no suggestions on how to save the world
If you're embarrassed by the process
Don't be shy, just ban the contest
From the whole damn world

But all's not lost, our paths might cross
When she stars in Def Leppard's next video
Or becomes the Queen of the TV screen
Raking in the dough on a tacky game show
Track Name: Fight McFight
Bessie was contented like a pig in a poke
Never moved an inch roped to a yoke
Munching grass professionally's kindof a bore
But it was all she knew, didn't want no more
Then one day she turned around
Looked into the eyes of that mad Scottish clown
One day, she turned around, he was there

The smell of terror permeates the air
Cuisinarted cow stench everywhere
Her friends march slowly to oblivion
Bessie breaks ranks, bolts for freedom
Then she stops, she turns around
Coz it's time to face that madman down
She stops, she turns around, and he's there

You've gotta Fight, McFight
Or Ronnie's gonna get you in your sleep tonight
Gotta Fight, McFight
He's got an impish grin and a carving knife
Gotta Fight, McFight
His eyes glow dimly in the dying light
Gotta Fight, McFight
Or you McDie

Nothing in this world is ever set
Until you surrender your final player
The final flavour's a wild card bet
Corporate clowning has got to stop
And everyone has their part to play, a word to say
To save the day, to pave the way, to enter the fray
For a brand new crop

Bessie's fury leaves old Ronnie biting the dust
But it's just one win, the war's a bust
Happy endings don't just happen in fairy tales
It takes some work and don't you fail
You gotta stop, turn around
Coz you never know what's in your town
Gotta stop, turn around, and he's there
Track Name: Unite and Destroy
You gotta believe in a united scene if they're gonna believe in you
Gotta open your minds, open your arms, coz you're not just a chosen few
Stop picking on the people who are on your side
Little differences will make you strong
If you wanna turn this place into a private club
I'm telling you you're just plain wrong

United and Destroy
Change the girls and boys
United and Destroy
If you want to change the noise
Unite and Destroy

Everywhere you go the people talk about a scene and the need that we have to unite
There seems to be a lot of egos in the fray, people who just wanna fight
A movement in retreat
Division means defeat
But it don't have to be
There's power in numbers
It's so easy to see
Track Name: New World Order
George is on the golf course, Dan has disappeared
The Senate just confirmed all of our worst fears
Ronnie's ghost still haunts us, James has gone out east
He's gonna work on something we like to call world peace

George is on his speedboat, Dan has disappeared
And this is where the story gets a little weird
It seems that SDI, MX and CIA
Are gonna have to grow to keep the whole world safe

Millions starve in the streets
Rights movements in retreat
I'm not sure what's in the night
But it ain't no thousand points of light

Government run by the NRA
The statistics'll just blow you away
Hard work it just don't pay
So more kids turn to drugs every day

Are you ready for the new world order?
Are you ready to defend the borders?
Are you ready for the New World Order?
This is the nation that would rule the globe
Make all the rules, smother all hope
It ain't no triumph for democracy
As the whole world collapses around your feet

Well-honed speeches of equality
Drowned by screaming death and poverty
Military intervention saved the oil
For choking on American soil
Track Name: I Don't Get It
Can someone please explain to me what government's supposed to be
It seems to serve no one but itself
It served us to the States for free, then slapped on the GST
So now the feds have gathered all our wealth
NDP, Whigs and PC -- spot the difference for me

Raise our taxes, raise their pay, you voted for them anyway
And now you're stick 'til 1994
You fight back with a little lip, a few guerilla shopping trips
And wait to see what they have got in store
Mindless sheep, lulled to sleep by another dumb committee

I just don't get why everything they say don't matter anyway
I just don't get why everything I do, still seem to lose

Can someone please explain to me why cops shoot people in the street
They're supposed to serve and to protect
I guess it's okay if you're white, don't have to worry if you're right
What happened to law and to respect
QPP, RCMP, spot the difference for me
Track Name: Bikini Beach
Moving people like grains of sand
An impish grin and the back of his hand
Smiling dumbly across the land
Designer jeans, a California tan
He doesn't know what he thinks he knows
Looking smug in the emperor's clothes
So kind, no mind
He's replacing a peanut, got the mind of a doughnut

Going down to a place I know
Where the guys and the chicks who are hip all go
You can stop your worries, turn your mind down low
Just reach for a peach on Bikini Beach

Generation's going down the tubes
All freaked out on MTV and some 'ludes
Looking good, they follow all of the rules
Made to measure, they're designer fools
They think they're cool in their daddy's car
Come on children and vote for a star
He's kind, no mind
Get that makeup right now
Embalming fluid at night now

The price of national pride is high
And now there's nowhere left to hide

Looking down the American coast
Land of the free and those Classical Cokes
Bikini cover-ups fool ordinary folks
They're just a series of political jokes
Lock up your troubles on a private beach
Smart decisions just out of reach
For you, and me
He's got you in the reserve now
Get just what you deserve and how
Track Name: History
You try to mould me, try to shape my mind
Hold me, scold me, you're robbing me blind
You never hear me or the things I say
You know you're right, who am I anyway?
You try to teach me to fit your ideal
Reach me, preach me, when I know you're not real
You're never gonna break me coz I've seem what you've done
Never gonna break me coz I've seem how you've won
And you're never gonna know me coz I know your type too well

History - has got a tale to tell
History - you better learn it well
Freedom for the people who will follow the lines
Equality for those who've got money and time
And you know that money is the key in the land of opportunity

The U.S. brought us Viet Nam
Then there was Russia and Afghanistan
Reaganomics failed to perform
So the U.S, returned with Desert Storm
"No new taxes" cry the rich
And for the poor, well life's a bitch
You're never gonna get me with your well-practiced lies
Never gonna get me coz I still hear the cries
And you're never gonna know me coz I know your type too well

Whatever happened to Canada?
They sold us out without a whimper
It's just another Grenada
Without the Marines -- they don't like our winters
George has Brian on his knees
It's a Stephen King-style fantasy
The story of a nation in retreat

Gotta get up and lend a hand
What have you done recently?
It's your home and native land
Not so strong and not so free
Track Name: Hated the 80's
The Me Generation grew into its 30's
Worshipped Donald Trump and his finance phonies
The television spoke and people lost the power to see
The Republicans spoke and women lost the right to be free

The U.S. courts got stacked with Reagan's old cronies
Rock and roll gt shoved aside by video phonies
Yuppies gloried in victories long past
The have-nots, they don't even know what questions to ask
While George Bush created a system based on class

Hated the 80's...
Ain't like the 90's

Tax revolts fuelled by the greedy upper classes
Looking at the world through their green-coloured glasses
Institutions closed and threw millions into the streets
The schools were cut and they lost the power to teach
While patriots screamed about God and the Japanese
Track Name: Tearin' U Apart
You used to be such a simple soul
You played it cool, you had no role
Now they're tearing you apart
You think it's a new start, for you

You keep telling me about honesty
You don't even know what that word means
I'm gonna give a little love
You're gonna give a little love tonight

On the streets alone
On the streets alone -- with you

Now you do just whatever they say
Just like some crummy movie matinée
Now there's nothing I can see
Nothing left for you and me, no more
Track Name: New Song
Everywhere you look it's coming down
Revolution's on the ground
It's the end of history
How come you look so damn confused
Got something to lose?
Sure looks that way to me
Things aren't going neatly like you planned
Losing hold of those ideas you fanned
Shut yourself away and try to figure how it all got out of hand

New Song
Carrying far, carrying pride
New Song
Gotta believe it's on your side
New Song
Sing it loud, your whole world starts to cry
And then it dies

People power reaps it's own rewards
It's a tricky two-edged sword
And now they're coming after you
All your good intentions down the drain
It's the politics of pain
And you know you're gonna lose
All your friends watch to see if you can cope
Twisting at the end of a short rope
Shut yourself away and try to generate a little ray of hope

New song
New pearls
No wrongs
New world
Sing it loud, keep reaching for the sky
You've got to try
Track Name: Legendary Isle Of Poutine
Pass a bottle of St. Ambroise son, I've got a story to tell
A tale of a place with little understanding where folks get along just so swell
Dodging the traffic on St-Laurent, I head for my favourite café
A meeting of minds over café au lait of the frogs et les têtes carrés
Try to drag me to the world's largest disco, you know I'm not going to go
Bury my sorrows in a sugar pie
And bury my car in the snow

Riding the rapids, an island appears
Like nothing that you've ever seen
Unfurl the flag, break open the beers
On the Legendary Isle of Poutine

A ghost-town above ground, a city below
And the signs of more things to come
The place falls apart right around our leaders and their fancy nuclear-powered johns
Drowning in tourists buying thirty dollar t-shirts and trying hard to read the signs
The pitunes on The Main don't mind the language or cash of the American kind

Self Control, Velcro Soul and Banlieue Rouge
Les Teratologues and Bliss - ça bouge!
Sawtooth, Stand, Disbanded and General Fools
And the Ripcordz reinvent the rules
Track Name: War On Youth
It's a war on youth, undeclared but true
It's a war on truth, the victim is you
Keep telling their lies, preset their alibis

Children of the old, line their teeth with gold
Economy's on hold, your birthright's been sold
Put you under the gun, for your MP's pension fund

They make the laws, the rights are yours
They make the wars, the fight is yours
War on youth
War on truth
Ignore the kids, unite the few
Our geriatric government is through

It's a war on youth, the old versus the new
It's a war on youth, you know what to do
Gotta open your eyes, before your hopes all die